Can You Shave A Husky? Everything You Need To Know

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Can You Shave A Husky? Everything You Need To Know 1

If you own a Husky, you probably should know the importance their fur has in their lives. So, if you’re wondering “can you shave a Husky?” Let us tell you that you shouldn’t.

There may be a lot of information out there about why you should shave your dog, but Huskies are an exception to this rule.

Their fur must not be shaved unless it’s necessary for a medical procedure, and even then, it’s a situation that you should think about twice.

We’ve been around Huskies a long time. We can say from our experience their fur is there for pretty good reasons. It’s not only for show, it keeps them healthy and beautiful.

We know that having all that hair in your house can be troublesome. But if you want to keep that under control, we highly suggest you groom them instead of cutting their fur. That’s the best way to keep your couch, living room, and bed clean.

We spoke with a number of vets, so you can learn if you can shave a Husky or not. Everything you need to know will be revealed in the following sections.

Let’s dive into it.

Can you shave a husky’s coat?

The short answer is NO.

Huskies are a special breed of dogs that have double-coated fur. This means there are 2 layers of coat that will help your dog in harsh weather conditions. According to their genes, your dog may have different colors in their coat such as red, white, brown, black, or grey. These are based on their wolf counterparts and help them to contrast in comparison to other dogs.

The main importance of their coat is that It will keep them warm in cold weather and cold in hot weather. You must not shave a Husky unless it’s required by a medical condition. You should always consult with a professional first before doing that.

A hairless husky is susceptible to skin conditions because it can’t regulate temperature or protect from UV rays. If you do this without permission you may cause matting and other health problems like sunburns and more.

When Should You Shave a Husky – It’s not what you think!

There are very limited situations where you would want to shave a husky’s fur. There are some situations where owner’s may want to consider shaving their husky:

  • During the shedding season.
  • Due to skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis or eczemas, which can make the Husky’s fur itchy.
  • When hair is growing in undesirable places.
  • For cosmetic reasons.

In our opinion, you shouldn’t shave your husky unless it’s specifically recommended by the vet. Otherwise, if you want to keep your dog’s coat clean without leaving a lot of hair in your house, we’d strongly recommend grooming your dog regularly. This is a much better experience for your dog and with the right products is a much better process.

Are there any risks associated with shaving Siberian Husky dogs?

By shaving your husky’s coat, you could harm your husky’s lifestyle and provoke skin diseases and other problems without even knowing.

Can You Shave A Husky? Everything You Need To Know 2

Below are some common statements we hear when it comes to the debate on shaving your husky. We look at these statements and provide the facts, so you know right from wrong.

Shaving a husky can help with temperature regulations


Your Husky doesn’t need to be shaved to control its temperature. Huskies are double-coated, and as such, this breed can auto-regulate its temperature. Their coat protects them from both hot and cold weather.

If you want to help your dog during Summer, you should give him a lot of water and brush him regularly.

Shaved huskies are less likely to suffer from allergies


Their fur helps Huskies to stop dirt and insects from clinging to their skin. This protects them from getting allergies and other skin conditions that can affect their lifestyle.

The Husky double coat also gives them protection against UV rays. Sun radiation is actually harmful to both humans and dogs, and huskies have this natural barrier in their skin. Take that away, and your Husky may be getting pretty bad sunburns.

Shaved huskies have a more stylish look

If you want a more stylish look in your Husky, you can groom him instead of shaving him. A shaved husky will always have significant problems with its skin or coat.

Remember that Huskies have two layers, the Top Coat, and the Husky Undercoat. When you shave both, you deteriorate the double-coat functionality. You also leave your dog vulnerable. Most people prefer the look of a well groomed husky.

If you shave your husky, you may see your dog have difficulties growing back their coat.

How do you properly shave Huskies’ coats?

If your veterinarian has told you that you need to shave your Husky, you will need to follow these tips so you can shave them properly.

  • Use a sharp, comfortable razor, like a blunt razor, and have extreme care not to cut him.
  • Shave in the direction of hair growth so you don’t have the natural course of hair.
  • Be extra careful around sensitive areas like ears, paws, tails, belly, or genitals.
  • Give the husky a bath afterward.
  • It is important to brush your husky before and after shaving to avoid matting their fur.

Remember that your Husky will be more sensitive to sun and cold weather after being shaved.

How long does it take to shave a husky dogs coat?

Can You Shave A Husky? Everything You Need To Know 3

If there isn’t another option but to shave your Husky, be prepared to spend a lot of time in the process. Shaving takes time and patience because your dog may get anxious or afraid of the razor.

Huskies have a thick coat of fur, and as such, it will take longer to finish the job than other breeds.

Shaving a Husky can take up to 4 hours depending on how it behaves. This needs to be done with the right equipment like razors, towels, enough water, and plastic bags to put all the hair that’s coming off.

Before starting, make sure that your Husky is calm and that it is not afraid of razors. You can try giving him treats to keep him calm while you are starting to shave.

If everything goes fine, you will have your dog shaved in a few hours, you only need to make sure that you do it carefully so you don’t hurt the dog’s skin.

Now, if you’re too afraid of doing it yourself, the best choice is to go to a professional groomer that can do the job for you.

High maintenance breed – How much does it cost to shave a husky?

If you’re going all-in with the professional groomer, you need to know that shaving a Husky can cost from $40 to $150. This will depend on the size of your dog and its coat.

When you are dealing with groomers, make sure that they are professional Husky groomers. We already know that this is a very special breed of dog, so they must be treated only by specialists.

After the work is done, try to get as many tips from the professional as possible. He/she may tell you to not leave your dog outside during extreme weather conditions after they get shaved so they can start recovering.

If the groomer did a good job, your Husky’s coat will start to grow back quickly enough and you won’t have to worry about any damage to its coat or skin.

As an expert’s tip, if you shave your dog during summer, you should use sunscreen to protect its skin while you take him out.

What are the best times of year to shave a husky?

Can You Shave A Husky? Everything You Need To Know 4

How often should you groom a husky’s double-coat?

Huskies should be groomed at least once a week and their coat should be brushed at least twice a week. Yet, some veterinarians suggest that you have to groom your Husky daily because of these reasons:

  • They release less hair during exercises.
  • It prevents mats and tangles on their coats.
  • If your Husky is in shedding season, you will need to groom it daily to avoid hair concentration.
  • Grooming after having a bath can help your Husky to be cleaner and get rid of old hair.

It takes about an hour to fully groom your dog. There are different methods, husky grooming styles, and tools you can use to spend less time doing this, but we will talk about this later.

What are the benefits of grooming a husky?

There are clear benefits of grooming a Husky that you should think about when you own this breed. Based on our experience, there are 8 benefits of grooming a Husky.

  • Grooming a husky can help them regulate body temperature.
  • It can help a husky prevent overheating.
  • Grooming can help control shedding.
  • It keeps their coat healthy and clean.
  • It helps keep their coat clean and free of mats.
  • Makes it easier to spot ticks and fleas.
  • Can help prevent skin infections.
  • Keeps them cooler in the summer months.

Remember that grooming a husky won’t make him shed less. It just will help you control hair accumulation.

What grooming tools would you use on a husky?

If you’re going to groom a Husky, it’s because you may want to remove lots of hair, make him look prettier, or prepare him for the shedding season.

No matter what your reason is, you will need specific tools to complete the job. Most of the time you will need a brush, comb, and a shedding blade to retrieve the remaining hair.

Here you can see a complete list of what you need to effectively groom your Husky and not hurt him in the process.

  • Use a shedding brush to prevent matting before you begin grooming.
  • Use detangling spray if you see matted patches of fur.
  • Have plastic bags to put the hair that will start to come off when grooming.
  • If you want to give your Husky a bath after the grooming process, make sure to use a specific shampoo and conditioner.

There are extra steps you can take while grooming your Husky. For example, trimming his nails to make him look better, but it’s not mandatory when you want to remove hair from your dog’s coat.

Conclusion – Never shave a Husky

In conclusion, if you’re thinking about shaving your Husky, it’s because of all the hair it will shed during the shedding season. You also may think you’re doing him a favor during summertime. But remember, shaving a Husky is generally not the right decision.

A Husky doesn’t need to be shaved to control his temperature. They use their double coats to keep themselves warm during winters or cold seasons and cold during summer.

Also, Huskies aren’t a breed that needs to be shaved, but rather groomed. So, our suggestion based on our experience is that you use the proper grooming tools to keep the hair controlled as much as you can. If you can’t do it yourself, you can go to a professional groomer to do it for you.

This way, your pet will be able to control its temperature and be safe from skin conditions. All this while you are happy living without tons of hair in your house.


Can you shave a Husky?

Yes, you can shave a Husky, but you shouldn’t. Just because you can shave a husky doesn’t mean that it’s safe for them to have their hair trimmed or shaved.

The Huskies’ body temperature is much higher than humans’, so even with a quick haircut, the risk of overheating and getting other skin diseases is high.

Are there different Husky grooming styles?

No. There is a general grooming style when we are talking about Huskies. You only need to follow the hair’s line and brush in the same direction.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a long hair Siberian Husky or not, the instructions remain the same as their coat is delicate.

Is shaving a Siberian Husky’s topcoat a good idea?

No, never shave a Husky’s dog coat. Cutting a Husky’s hair is a terrible decision. They don’t need to be shaved, only groomed.

This is because their Husky double-coat has an important aspect in temperature regulations. It also affects how they develop on a daily basis.

What are the best products to use when grooming a husky?

The best products for a Husky’s fur coat are products that are designed especially for Huskies.

You shouldn’t be using any general product because it could harm your dog’s coat.