Best Grooming Tools For Huskies

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Introduction to Siberian Husky Grooming Tools

If you are lucky enough to own a husky, you know that they are an adorable, funny, and energetic dog breed that requires a lot of activity to keep them happy. However, you must also be aware that these beautiful dogs can shed almost as much hair as they play!

To keep your husky’s coat healthy and your home clean and sanitary, you’ll need the correct tools to get the job done. 

In the first section we will walk you through some of the best husky grooming tools and why we love them.

We’ll then cover basic information about huskies’ grooming needs and care tips.

Lastly, we’ll move on to our buying guide, which discusses what features to look for when buying a grooming tool for your husky and what common issues to watch out for.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about meeting the grooming needs of your furry family member.

Our Best Grooming Tools For Huskies

1Best OverallFURminator Long Hair Dog Deshedding Tool⭐ 9.3
2Best For Sensitive SkinPet Republique Dematting Rake⭐ 8.1
3Best For Removing MattsSafari Bamboo Pin & Bristle Combo Dog Brush⭐ 7.9

The 3 Best Grooming Tools For Huskies Reviewed

The following are five of the very best fences and gates to keep huskies contained in your house and yard. Consider the following options in no specific order.

Best Overall

FURminator Long Hair Dog Deshedding Tool

best overall grooming tool
  • Material: Stainless steel with rubber handle
  • Size: Comes in small, medium, and large sizes
  • Colors: Orange, green or blue (according with size)
  • Unique features: Professional quality, perfect for long hair

This brush comes in three different sizes (we recommend the large since huskies tend to be on the taller and heavier side).

Reviewers have praised this brush for being ultra-comfortable. The ergonomic handle means you won’t strain your hand or wrist using it repetitively.

Additionally, the edge of the tool that has contact with your dog is curved rather than flat, meaning it conforms to their body and helps to avoid nicking their skin. This feature is crucial when grooming huskies, as they are known for having more sensitive skin than many other dog breeds. 

Another feature that makes this tool unique is that it was designed and used by professional groomers. If a device is good enough for professionals who brush dogs for a living, it is undoubtedly an excellent choice for you.

The long, stainless steel bristles easily reach through your dog’s topcoat to remove loose fur from the undercoat. Many people who use this tool also believe that over time, it actually reduces shedding.

This tool is not intended to remove matts from dog fur. It is safe to use on dogs eight weeks and up. 

Best For Sensitive Skin

Safari Bamboo Pin and Bristle Combo Dog Brush

best grooming tool for sensitive skin
  • Material: Bamboo, wire pins and plastic bristles
  • Size: Comes in medium and large sizes
  • Colors: Natural
  • Unique features: 2-in-1 pins and bristles for extra shiny hair, eco-friendly

In addition to being beautiful animals and loyal companions, huskies also have a reputation for having sensitive skin. 

They are more prone to skin allergies than other kinds of dogs and may require special care in order to keep their skin healthy. Notably, huskies are susceptible to a type of skin infection known as zinc-responsive dermatosis, which is caused by zinc deficiencies in their diets. 

While ensuring that their diet and bathing routine are also promoting healthy skin, it’s crucial to choose a tool that won’t irritate your pup and cause any damage. For this reason, we’ve chosen the Safari Bamboo Pin and Bristle Combo Dog Brush as the best grooming tool for huskies with sensitive skin.

If every other tool you’ve tried has irritated your husky’s skin, this is the brush you need. This is another brush with a 2-in-1 design. One side is made of soft bristles and the other features pins that are topped with balls of plastic. The plastic ensures that the hooks don’t scratch and irritate your dog’s skin.

One of the downsides to this brush is that some users say the pins are not long enough to penetrate the thick topcoat into the undercoat to loosen and remove fur. But even if you have to use a longer brush for deshedding the undercoat, this pin and bristle combo brush is a great tool to work into your grooming routine to maximize your dog’s comfort.

Best For Removing Matts

Pet Republique Dematting Rake

best for removing matts
  • Material: Stainless steel with plastic and rubber handle
  • Size: Perfect for all sizes
  • Colors: Yellow and black
  • Unique features: Especially designed for untangling fur and removing matts without damaging the skin

We have found the Pet Republique Dematting Rake to be the best tool for removing mats from your husky’s fur. Ideally, a dog will be groomed frequently enough that its coat stays untangled and doesn’t matt. If a significant amount of time passes between grooming sessions and your dog’s hair tangles into large clumps, it’s essential to untangle them.

If matts aren’t removed as soon as they form, they can become painful for your dog and lead to a number of other, more severe health conditions such as circulation issues, fleas, and lesions on the skin. 

Matts are uncomfortable and unhealthy–that’s why it’s critical to have the best tools for treating them! This dematting rake from Pet Republique is the ultimate tool for safely and comfortably removing matts from your husky’s fur.

We love this rake because it is double-sided. The first side, with six stainless steel teeth, is ideal for working on larger clumps of tangled fur. The second side has 11 teeth and is perfect to use to thin out the hair. All 18 blades have rounded edges that are safe to use on your dog and won’t puncture their skin.

As an added bonus, the company Pet Republique donates 15% of all of its sales to the American Animal Rescue Society.

man brushing siberian husky laying on grass

Grooming Your Husky: The Basics

Huskies are a breed of dog with not one but two coats: a soft, dense undercoat and a coarser, longer top coat. When working with a double-coated breed, it is crucial to have the right tools for the job. The bottom layer provides insulation against chilly temperatures, and the top coat protects against the sun, water, and dirt.

How Do You Care For a Double-Coated Breed?

While you could delegate brushing and bathing to a professional groomer, it is less expensive and more practical to do it at home, mainly because huskies have relatively low grooming needs compared to many other dog breeds. However, their coats do not need to be shaved or trimmed (doing so is bad for their skin health), and they do not need to be bathed unless muddy.

Their most significant need is the removal of excess fur in both the undercoat and the topcoat. Brushing your husky at least one time a week will help ensure that its coat does not form any painful mats. 

When grooming, use a sturdy comb to brush in the direction of fur growth over your dog’s entire body. Be sure to brush both sides of their body, back, belly, tail, legs, neck, and face.

What Is “Coat Blowing?”

Huskies shed their entire coats two times per year. This phase is called “blowing” their fur, and they will require more frequent and thorough grooming during these periods.

How Do You Start Grooming Your Husky?

As with grooming any type of dog, it’s crucial to make sure your husky is as relaxed as possible for the brushing process to ensure that they have a positive experience being groomed and don’t try to fight you every time you need to brush them out.

Be sure to give them lots of treats and positive vocal feedback, especially the first time you groom them or introduce a new tool. Let them sniff and observe the brush before you begin in order to familiarize themselves with it. Additionally, it’s essential to ensure that the surrounding environment is neutral and calm to keep your dog’s stress to a minimum.

Grooming Tool Buying Guide

This section will cover what to look for when you’re shopping for brushes, combs, and other grooming tools for your husky. It will also take you through some of the most common issues that users have with tools to help you make an informed decision about what kind of equipment to have in your hair care arsenal.

Positive Features

Some of the best features we value in grooming tools are their durability, ability to collect hair, and versatility.


With a husky in your house, your grooming tools will be getting regular use. Having tools that can stand up to frequent brushings is a significant plus and means you won’t have to replace them often.

Hair Collection

Some of the most popular grooming tools for huskies feature compartments that collect the hair that has been removed instead of letting it float into the air. If you groom your dog inside your home, this feature of a brush can cut down on the amount of time you spend vacuuming and sweeping after a grooming session.


While you might not need the type of brush that will be effective on other dog breeds, there are many people out there who have more than one dog and benefit from having a tool that can do double duty. 

Potential Drawbacks

Knowing what features to avoid is just as important as knowing the more positive aspects of various tools. Negative customer feedback about grooming tools often refers to cheap materials, short bristles that can’t reach the undercoat, and sharp-edged bristles that cut away at the undercoat. 

Cheap Materials

Huskies are large dogs that need to be groomed quite often in order to keep their coats healthy. These two factors mean that your brushes and combs will be put to a lot of use. If they are cheaply made or use flimsy materials, they won’t be durable enough to last for more than a few shedding seasons. 

Short Bristles

One of the primary reasons huskies need frequent grooming is to remove loose hair from their soft undercoats. Brushes with shorter bristles may not be able to reach through the top layer of fur to penetrate the undercoat.

Sharp Bristles

While you want to make sure the bristles are long enough, you also want to be careful that they are not too sharp. Dogs (especially huskies) have sensitive skin that can be easily irritated by the repetitive scratching of pointy bristles. Furthermore, harsh bristles can damage your dog’s undercoat and cause it to tear.

Now that you know how to groom a husky, the tools and features you should look for, as well as the aspects to avoid, it’s time to get into our product roundup of the best grooming tools for huskies!


Below are some commonly asked questions about selecting the best type of grooming tool for your husky.

What is the best Deshedding tool for a Husky?

What tools do you need to groom a husky?

You’ll need a few tools to groom a husky:
1. Conditioning spray
2. Blow dryer
3. Metal Comb
4. Undercoat rake
5. Brush
6. Tooth brush and tooth paste
7. Ear cleaner and cotton wool

What do groomers use to Deshed huskies?

Groomers use high-powered and high-performance tools. Typical groomers will use a high-velocity blower to remove loose husky hair.

Closing Thoughts On The Best Grooming Tool For Huskies

There you have it! After extensive testing and research, we have found that The FURminator Long Hair Dog Deshedding Tool is the best tool out there for grooming your husky. However, the market for equipment is so large, and individual needs may be varied, so you may find that another one of the top products on this list is best suited for your specific situation. 

If you buy a tool off of this list and try it out with your husky, let us know what you think!