Best Shampoo For Huskies

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husky being washed with shampoo

Introduction to Shampoos for Huskies

There are so many dog shampoos, it can be hard to know which is ideal. Large, fluffy breeds like Huskies need potent and effective cleansers. 

I tested over 20 products and found the CHI two-in-one gentle dog shampoo and conditioner to be the best shampoo (and conditioner) for a Husky.

If you have a Husky, you know they tend to be curious about things, like garbage, mud, or that weird smell on the grass. When my Husky rubs a disgusting scent all over itself, the basic shampoos at the convenience store won’t do the job. 

After spending years accepting my Husky would forever be a smelly dog, I went hunting for the best shampoo for a Husky, and I think I found it!

I fell in love with the CHI two-in-one gentle dog shampoo and conditioner. To me, this shampoo is practically perfect, from the lather to the scent to the cleansers to the moisturizers. It left my Husky clean, soft, and sweet-smelling. 

Not everyone wants the same thing out of their dog shampoo. I’ll discuss my number one pick, but will also recommend shampoos for specific situations, like an extra smelly Husky, a nervous Husky, an itchy Husky, and more. 

Keep reading to find out what I thought about these shampoos and what they’re best for!

Our Best Shampoos For Huskies

1Best OverallCHI Gentle Two-in-One Dog Shampoo and Conditioner⭐ 9.3
2Best DeodorizingHealthy Breeds Siberian Husky Deodorizing Dog Shampoo⭐ 8.1
3Best For Anxious HuskiesHealthy Breeds Siberian Husky Chamomile Soothing Dog Shampoo⭐ 7.5
4Best For Skin InfectionsVeterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiseptic and Antifungal Shampoo⭐ 8.4
5Best For Itchy DogsZesty Paws Itch Soother Dog Shampoo with Oatmeal⭐ 7.7
6Best Organic ShampooEarthbath Oatmeal and Aloe Dog and Cat Shampoo⭐ 7.9
7Best For Heavy SheddersTropiClean Lime and Coconut Deshedding Dog Shampoo⭐ 8.1
8Best For Sensitive SkinVeterinary Formula Clinical Care Hypoallergenic Shampoo⭐ 9.2

The 8 Best Shampoos for Siberian Huskies Reviewed

I’ve provided mini-reviews for my eight favorite products, along with their notable features, to help you choose only the best for your puppy. 

Best Overall

CHI Gentle Two-in-One Dog Shampoo and Conditioner

Best overall shampoo

Key Features

  • Mild but effective cleansing agents
  • Oatmeal, aloe, and other moisturizing ingredients
  • Chamomile extract
  • Sulphate-free
  • Silk, milk, and soy proteins

The number one on my list of best shampoos for Huskies is the gentle two-in-one cleanser from the CHI company. This product checks all the boxes.

The shampoo produces a lavish lather that rids your dog of all the dirt or grime in its coat. It rinses easily, so you don’t have to spend 10+ minutes trying to get all the shampoo out. It has a silky, milky texture, thanks to the proteins in the formula that will feel nice on your dog’s skin and your hands. 

It’s likely the most moisturizing shampoo of the many I tried. It contains silk, soy, and milk proteins that naturally hydrate and soften your dog’s skin and coat while improving their health. The sweet but subtle smell of chamomile makes you want to bury your face in your Husky’s fur, and the pleasant scent lingers for days. 

As the name of the product implies, it’s a two-in-one product with shampoo and conditioner. So it cleanses while conditioning, leaving your dog’s coat luscious and pristine. 

While I tried several two-in-one dog shampoos and conditioners, this is the only one that made my list. 

I found the other ones to either do a subpar job shampooing or conditioning, so they didn’t deliver on their promises. But the CHI two-in-one did everything it said it would! I’d like to offer a downside to this product, but I couldn’t find one.

Best Deodorizing

Healthy Breeds Siberian Husky Deodorizing Dog Shampoo

best deodorizing

Key Features

  • Soap-free, hypoallergenic formula 
  • Sweet-pea infusion deodorizer
  • Essential fatty acids and vitamins
  • Natural moisturizers 
  • Safe to use with topical flea control products
  • Designed for Huskies

You’re probably not bathing your Husky because it smells like roses. If your sweet dog smells especially rank, this deodorizing shampoo is the best choice. 

If your dog recently got into something disgusting, like the trash or a quarrel with a skunk, the shampoo helps make it smell sweet and fresh. Even after a tomato bath, the smell of skunk spray can still linger, so the shampoo removes those lingering odors. 

Whatever the stink, this shampoo from Healthy Breeds is your solution. The deodorizing properties eliminate all unpleasant odors and leave a sweet pea fragrance in their wake. The formula is also hypoallergenic, so it’s suitable for dogs with sensitive skin. 

Plus, it contains vitamins A, C, E, and F and fatty acids that contribute to skin health. The natural moisturizers leave your dog’s skin and coat soft and smooth.

Best For Anxious Huskies

Healthy Breeds Siberian Husky Chamomile Soothing Dog Shampoo

best for anxious huskies

Key Features

  • Natural cleansers
  • Botanical extracts (chamomile, cactus, and calendula)
  • Features aloe vera, colloidal oatmeal, and fir needle oil
  • Safe to use with topical flea products
  • Designed for Huskies

If you have a dog that tends to be a runner when it comes to bathtime, this shampoo from Healthy Breeds can help make bathtime easier for everyone. 

Some dogs don’t make bathtime pleasant, as they try to squirm out of your reach or shiver incessantly. But this shampoo will calm their nerves and possibly make the bath enjoyable for them. 

The shampoo consists of natural ingredients that will relax your dog while effectively cleaning its skin and coat. The soothing scent of chamomile, fir needles, oatmeal, and aloe vera will help relax your dog so you can get through bathtime without issue. 

The organic ingredients also reduce the chance of your dog having a bad reaction to the product if they have sensitive skin. 

Oatmeal will soften the skin and moisturize it along with the rejuvenating effects of aloe vera juice, and they’ll come out smelling fresh and clean.

Best For Skin Infections

Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiseptic and Antifungal Shampoo

best antifungal shampoo for skin infection

Key Features

  • 100% paraben free
  • Deodorizing properties
  • Soothing aloe vera and coconut oil
  • Rapid healing 
  • Benzethonium Chloride and Ketoconazole
  • Also a preventive product

It’s not uncommon for Huskies to contract skin infections, such as dermatitis and pyoderma

These infections can come from allergies, weak immune systems, hormone imbalances, skin folds, or poor grooming/scratching habits. An infection can also develop after a case of ringworm. 

This shampoo has powerful antiseptic and antifungal properties that can treat these infections without further irritating your dog’s skin. The Benzethonium Chloride and Ketoconazole ingredients work together to kill bacteria and fungal infections simultaneously. 

Even if your dog doesn’t have a fungal or bacterial infection currently, this product is excellent for preventing them. If your dog has a weak immune system, ringworm, or other conditions that increase its chance of getting an infection, it’s wise to start using this shampoo. 

The potent formula ensures the elimination of the infection without irritating your dog’s skin or leaving an unpleasant medicinal odor. The natural ingredients deliver a sweet, organic scent that has notes of coconut for a slightly tropical-smelling pup.

Best For Itchy Dogs

Zesty Paws Itch Soother Dog Shampoo with Oatmeal

best for itchy dogs

Key Features

  • Oatmeal and aloe vera
  • Vitamin E and amino acids for skin and coat health
  • Vanilla bean and sweet almond extract for a delicious smell
  • Suitable for all breeds and hair textures
  • Large bottle

Zesty Paws is one of the best brands for helping your dog with mild issues. They make cranberry treats to fight bladder infections and multivitamins to keep your furry friend happy and healthy. They also make this outstanding itch-soothing shampoo.

If you notice your dog scratching more than usual and exhibiting signs of discomfort, it may have flaky, scaly skin that bothers it. Like humans, some dogs simply have drier skin. It can be due to environmental factors or a natural trait in certain breeds.

To help your dog stop the itch, bathe it with the Zesty Paws Itch Soother dog shampoo. My Husky isn’t the itchiest fella, but after trying this shampoo he seemed to never need to scratch or lick himself.

If you ever see skin flakes or what looks like dandruff coming off your dog, it likely needs to hydrate its skin, and the oatmeal and aloe vera in this formula can help moisturize its skin and coat.

It has delightful vanilla and sweet almond scent from natural extracts that leave your Husky smelling like a yummy dessert. Even if your dog doesn’t itch much, the shampoo moisturizes its skin and makes it more comfortable overall.

Best Organic Shampoo

Earthbath Oatmeal and Aloe Dog and Cat Shampoo

best organic Siberian husky shampoo

Key Features

  • Soap-free, paraben-free, and phosphate-free
  • Vanilla and almond scent
  • Oatmeal and aloe vera moisturizes
  • Suitable for cats and dogs
  • 100% biodegradable formula
  • Natural coconut-based cleansers
  • Vitamins A, B, D, and E

For folks (or Huskies) looking for organic shampoo, my favorite is the Earthbath Oatmeal and Aloe shampoo. Like the other products on this list, the shampoo from Earthbath can neutralize odors, moisturize your Husky’s skin, and soothe irritated skin. 

If your dog is at a normal level of smelly, this shampoo will leave it smelling wonderful. But for a more severe stink, it’s not ideal. 

My Husky can get particularly stinky, and I needed to use more of this shampoo compared to some others on this list. 

But your average Husky in need of a bath will come out fresh, clean, and smelling great after a bath with this shampoo. Because the main ingredients are oatmeal and aloe, it leaves your dog with a super silky coat that is moisturized and fluffy. 

The shampoo works on all hair types and you can also use it to bathe your cats. 

One of my favorite parts of this shampoo that I didn’t experience with many other organic products is that it lathers quickly and fully. It’s tough to properly wash your dog, especially a fluffy breed like a Husky if you can’t produce a decent lather.

Best For Heavy Shedders

TropiClean Lime and Coconut Deshedding Dog Shampoo

best deshedding shampoo

Key Features

  • 9 natural botanical extracts
  • Mild coconut cleanser
  • Vitamin E and B5
  • Omega 3 and 6
  • Oatmeal to moisturize
  • Exfoliating properties

Of all the de-shedding shampoos, I felt this one from TropiClean was the most effective and pleasant to use. I was immediately drawn to the tropical smell of lime and coconut, but the shampoo does more than make your dog smell like a Hawaiian vacation. 

It significantly reduces shedding after just one use. It does this by gently exfoliating the skin to remove excess hair and decrease the need for shedding. 

As it exfoliates away the excess hair, it moisturizes the skin, which can also reduce shedding. The colloidal oatmeal helps reduce irritation and flaky skin. Dogs with dry and irritated skin often shed more. 

Along with controlling shedding, this shampoo will eliminate unpleasant smells and replace them with delicious fruity smells. 

It contains aloe vera, papaya, lime, chamomile, kiwi, blueberry, pomegranate, awapuhi, and mallow extracts. Plus, it uses a coconut cleanser to gently but effectively remove dirt. 

Of the many shampoos I tested, I believe this one has the most potent and long-lasting smell. It also works better after every use. So after about three uses, you’ll notice a significant reduction in shedding.

Best For Sensitive Skin

Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Hypoallergenic Shampoo

best shampoo for sensitive skin

Key Features

  • Tearless formula
  • Sulphate-free, fragrance-free, paraben-free, and dye-free
  • Safe to use with topical flea and tick treatments
  • Healing properties
  • Vitamin E
  • Lactic acid to moisturize

Most dog shampoos on the market use natural ingredients and gentle cleansers to ensure there is no skin irritation. But if even the most gentle shampoos still irritate your dog’s skin, this hypoallergenic shampoo may be the answer. 

It’s from Veterinary Formula and has an ultra-sensitive formula that can soothe irritated skin and prevent flaking. 

Some dogs are allergic to harsh cleansers and parabens, so they need a sensitive shampoo like this one. Many dogs have poor reactions to artificial fragrances in shampoos and conditioners, so this product has no added fragrance. 

While the shampoo prevents irritation, it won’t leave your dog with a fruity or sweet smell like the other products on this list. But if your dog is clean and comfortable, that doesn’t matter. 

The shampoo will moisturize your dog’s skin with the lactic acid in the formula, leaving them with a healthy and shiny coat. Despite the sensitive formula, the shampoo will still remove dirt and unpleasant odors, so you won’t mind inviting your Husky onto your bed. 

As mentioned, all the products on this list will treat your dog’s skin and fur with gentle cleansers and sensitive ingredients. But if your dog is particularly prone to irritation and allergies, this shampoo is your best bet for giving it a comfortable bathtime.

husky being washed with shampoo

Guide To Buying The Best Shampoo For Huskies

Below are some considerations to keep in mind when shopping for dog shampoo. 


Not all dog shampoos will suit some breeds. Two of the shampoos on my list are specific to Huskies, but they aren’t in my number one spot. While choosing a breed-specific shampoo can be good, don’t limit yourself to them!


Fortunately, most dog shampoos these days are made to be sensitive and gentle. Do try to avoid harsh chemicals like parabens, sulfates, and phosphates that are likely to irritate a dog’s skin.

Antifungal Properties

Shampoos with antifungal, antibacterial, and antiseptic properties are the right choice if your dog has a skin infection. But these shampoos are also preventive, so are ideal for dogs prone to infections.


Scent is not the most important feature of dog shampoo, but it’s nice when your furry friend smells sweet and clean for a while after their bath. Choose a scent you enjoy, but also try to pick soothing smells to calm your dog, like chamomile, vanilla, and lavender.


My number one pick was the only two-in-one I found to be worth it. Generally, the other shampoos on this list can hydrate and moisturize enough that you likely don’t need to buy a separate conditioner. 

But if you want two-in-ones other than the CHI shampoo, I recommend reading customer reviews. Some two-in-ones tend to be lackluster.


Below are some commonly asked questions about selecting the best shampoo for huskies.

What type of shampoo is good for Huskies?

The best overall shampoo for your husky is CHI 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner. As this is both shampoo and conditioner is ensures your husky is clean and well looked after.

How often should Huskies be bathed?

Huskies should be bathed ideally once a week, but at the very least once a month. This avoids huskies getting skin problems which can become difficult to treat.

Do Huskies need conditioner?

Yes if your husky’s coat is looking dry, conditioner will help. You should be careful not to over-bathe your husky as this could actually be the cause of dry fur. After bathing your husky you should brush it’s fur coat.


I highly recommend any Husky owner order the CHI shampoo and try it. It’s powerful enough to cleanse your dog’s thick, fluffy coats but gentle enough to hydrate its skin and leave its coat gleaming. If you’re living with a stinky Husky, you can find all these fantastic products on the Chewy website and order them right to your door.