Best Vacuum for Husky Hair

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siberian husky being groomed with vacuum

Introduction to Vacuums for Huskies

Like many huskies, my dog’s thick fur gets into everything. This includes furniture, areas underneath the carpets, and household electronics. So, I tested seven of the highest-quality vacuums and found that the Bissell 2252 CleanView was my ultimate choice.

I’ve owned huskies for decades and there’s no end to the methods I’ve tried to clean my dogs’ hair off of, well, everything I own. Recently, I’ve found that vacuums are a reliable and quick way to clean up husky hair – and I couldn’t keep this discovery to myself!

The Bissell 2252 has fantastic suction power and is easy to assemble. Moreover, its tough bristles penetrate plush carpets without difficulty.

Besides the Bissell 2252, other vacuums can also remove the most stubborn husky hair. There’s one for every budget, and plenty are easily compactible and have removable attachments. 

They all offer exceptional value to your home, as discussed more below.

Our Best Vacuums for Huskies

1Best OverallBissell 2252 CleanView⭐ 9.7
2Best Value For MoneyBissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld⭐ 7.1
3Best Premium VacuumOreck HEPA Cordless Upright⭐ 9.2
4Best Bagless VacuumEureka PowerSpeed Turbo⭐ 8.4
5Best Compact VacuumHoover Evolve Pet Bagless⭐ 8.6
6Best Versatile VacuumDirt Devil Razor Upright⭐ 7.8
7Best Convertible VacuumBlack+Decker PowerSeries⭐ 8.5

The 7 Best Dog Vacuums For Huskies Reviewed

I’ve provided mini-reviews for my eight favorite products, along with their notable features, to help you choose only the best for your puppy. 

Best Overall

Bissell 2252 CleanView

best overall vacuum for husky hair

If you have a husky that likes to shed on your rug, carpet, or furniture, look no further than the Bissell 2252 CleanView. Firstly, Bissell packs the vacuum with intention, ensuring assembly won’t take more than five minutes. 

Snap a couple of components in place, and it’s ready for use. My immediate impression is the lightweight feel of the vacuum machine at 12.5lbs. 

The ergonomic handle is large, making the appliance easy to use, especially for individuals with arthritis. I like that this vacuum cleaner doesn’t let me bend over during use – another arthritis-friendly feature. 

It also has multiple settings to provide the perfect suction power for various floor types. Most husky vacuums won’t offer this feature at a similar price creating more suction than is necessary.

The machine becomes a pain in the neck to handle – as if picking up husky shedding wasn’t hard enough. It has the right number of attachments, which doesn’t get in the way of cleaning.

Another plus is the change of surface while cleaning. Other brands blow the hair in all directions when encountering a new floor, but the Bissell vac keeps it all together. 

The machine is also quiet compared to others, providing 81dB on vinyl and 73dB on the carpet. It also has a swivel steering feature that makes it easy to capture husky hair at the home’s most tricky nooks and corners.


  • The dustbin is a decent size and easy to install and remove.
  • 25ft long cord makes the machine convenient to use
  • Extremely lightweight and easy to use
  • Fantastic adjustable suction power
  • Easy to empty the dustbin
  • Excellent edge-to-edge cleaning


  • The light weight makes it feel cheap
  • Belt and roller maintenance is more tedious than most

Best Value For Money

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld

best value for money dog hair vacuum

If you’re not ready to buy an upright vacuum, consider a niftier handheld like the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser. 

This handheld husky hair remover will rid all hairs for less than a fraction of the price. The rubber nozzle is flexible enough to get into the tighter corners of furniture, whether at home or in your vehicle.

The suction teeth are prickly to get into thick carpet surfaces and dislodge stubborn husky hair and other debris. 

The machine is like holding a hair dryer in your hand but with a detachable nozzle for efficient performance on various floor types. 

Still, it performs better for cleaning stairs and upholstery. The best vacuum for husky hair often ships with built-in HEPA filters, and this appliance is no exception. 

Besides, it features a multiple filtration system thanks to a filter screen and post-motor filter. You’re not only removing husky hairs, but you’ll also rid the environment of harmful allergens, including dust and other air pollutants. 

It’d be more awesome if the HEPA filter were washable. Still, you can extend the filter’s lifespan by cleaning it gently while using cold water to rinse the screen.

For a portable appliance, I like that it has a power cord which ensures I’m not carrying a charger all over the place. The nozzle is easy to replace and doesn’t take much to empty.

The only drawback is that this vacuum isn’t arthritis-friendly. If you want to vacuum all over the house, you’ll need to bend on all fours all day, ensuring your back bears the brunt of that task!

The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser is designed for quick cleanups and not for use as a mainstay vacuum for husky hair.

Still, this tiny-sized vacuum is great for touching up hard-to-reach areas of the house just in time to receive visitors into the home. Unlike other husky handheld vacuums, the dirt canister separates easily from the motor. 


  • Multiple filtration systems with HEPA
  • Suitable for bare floors, hardwood, and tiles
  • Powerful suction motor
  • Rubber nozzle and teeth get into all surface types
  • Fantastic for stairs, carpets, and furniture
  • Exceptional value for the price


  • It’s not designed for large areas
  • Not the best for hard surfaces
  • Continuous replacement of HEPA filters adds to the cost

Best Premium Vacuum

Oreck HEPA Cordless Upright

best premium vacuum

The sleek design of this husky vacuum is enough to make your hairs stand on end. Oreck HEPA Cordless Upright is a pet vacuum on steroids, trapping up to 99.97% of unseen air pollutants, including dirt and pet dander. 

The first thing you’ll notice is the cordless design. Many husky owners prefer a corded vacuum for unlimited power. 

Still, the battery power is more than enough to vacuum the entire space. Unlike other cordless vacuums, Oreck HEPA is a breeze to set up. It’s the perfect vacuum for pet owners with severe allergies. 

It features a free-standing design that makes it easy to store. I enjoy the two-mode settings for carpet and hard surfaces, making it a cakewalk to switch back and forth during cleaning.

The suction power won’t leave you wanting. Moreover, the super lightweight design allows you to clean the entire space for hours with little fatigue.

You’ll love the filter bag that’s 4x larger than the nearest competition, enabling you to collect all types of dirt.

The only negative is that the vacuum needs other attachments to get into corners and stairs. The battery life could be better since it lasts only a few months. 


  • The cordless design makes it easy to use
  • Lightweight for extended cleaning
  • Collects 99.97% of air pollutants and husky dander
  • Lightweight accessories, including battery and charging station
  • Excellent for pet owners with allergies


  • Requires additional attachments to fit into tight corners
  • Not wallet-friendly

Best Bagless Vacuum

Eureka PowerSpeed Turbo

Best Vacuum for Husky Hair 1

Eureka is one of the market’s bigger brands for husky vacuums, and the PowerSpeed Turbo doesn’t disappoint. 

Firstly, it’s a corded vacuum that gives many Dyson brands a run for their money for half the price. The powerful motor is highly efficient in removing all husky hair, including the tiniest particles like dust and dirt. 

The LED headlights allow you to clean around dark areas without losing visibility. But, the standout feature of this machine is the telescopic flexible crevice tool. It can reach into the tightest corners and nooks without rearranging your furniture.

It also features a pet turbo brush. It’s fantastic for brushing and extracting pet hair from different surfaces. These include bedding, stairs, and furniture.

This machine has a washable filter, preventing long-term filter replacement costs. Still, it requires regular maintenance to remove the dirt and hairs clogging the brush. You’ll be surprised how much husky hair is present in your home when using this equipment. 

I only wish it had a longer cord, and lengthy strands of husky hair may wrap around the brush and prevent it from rolling. Still, it works without issues, is lightweight, easy to use, and sells at an affordable price.


  • Telescopic tool reaches into tricky areas
  • Lightweight and moves with ease
  • Washable filter saves cost
  • LED light to see in the dark


  • Cord length isn’t as long as the competition
  • Husky hair tangles the brush reducing performance

Best Compact Vacuum

Hoover Evolve Pet Bagless

best compact dog hair vacuum

The Hoover Evolve is another bagless vacuum for husky hair that catches the eye. It boasts cordless runtime that lasts more than an hour thanks to a rechargeable 4.0 Ah battery.

This vacuum also features exclusive Vortex Suction technology. It diffuses the suction with higher efficiency than many rival products.

The brush roll features antimicrobial protection, eliminating pet odors and hairs without hiccups. Besides, the vacuum offers three unique suction modes to clean any surface type. 

However, the genius feature is the brush that’s easy to remove by sliding it out of the machine from the side.

One visible drawback is the lack of a battery indicator. It also struggles to perform edge cleaning and requires two batteries if you’d like to clean without stopping to charge.

Advanced Swivel Steering allows the machine to move around obstacles without problems.  But it causes you to struggle to keep it moving in a straight line.

You’ll need two batteries because a single battery lasts 35 minutes and takes 2.5 hours for a full charge. You don’t want to wait too long to rid your house of pet hair.


  • Antimicrobial brush stops the odor growth and bacteria pet hair may cause
  • Adjustable brush roll with trademark WindTunnel Technology
  • QuickPass brush picks hair faster than other brands
  • Easy to navigate around furniture
  • The lightweight machine is 9lbs 


  • Battery lasts only 35 minutes
  • It doesn’t ship with accessories

Best Versatile Vacuum

Dirt Devil Razor Upright

best versatile vacuum

I didn’t think the Dirt Devil Razor Upright would win me over. The swivel steering has a clunky appearance and doesn’t look like a device that could reach into tighter spaces. 

Yet it was a pleasant surprise to see I wouldn’t need a screwdriver to assemble the vacuum.

This machine is in the conversation for the best vacuum for husky hair. Most notably, it has a turbo tool that removes all dirt types, including pet dander and dust.

It uses Endura Filter technology to trap bad odors and features a washable filter to save costs. This three-stage filtration system allows the vacuum to work for longer with little maintenance.

You’ll like the Spin4Pro Premium Pet Brushroll, built to tackle dirt on rugs and tiles without losing suction power. 

Additionally, a cleaning wand removes dirt from higher spaces where the vacuum can’t reach. This wand has a 10ft reach, ensuring no high or low escape for husky hair.

Still, it’s one of the heavier vacuums weighing a whopping 13lbs and doesn’t adjust the height. The latter makes it a challenge for seniors to vacuum plush carpets, and 13lbs quickly feels like pushing 200lbs.


  • Great for most surfaces
  • Washable filter cuts maintenance costs
  • Three-stage filtration system easily removes husky hair


  • Not for plush carpets
  • Heavier than most brands

Best Convertible Vacuum

Black+Decker PowerSeries

best convertible vaccum for huskies

The Black+Decker PowerSeries is a hybrid cordless vacuum that works with a stick and converts into a handheld for various uses. 

You’ll immediately notice the angled floorhead that makes it convenient for use on multiple surfaces. 

Do not forget the v-shaped bristles that easily dislodge pet hair, courtesy of the anti-tangle brush. The 3-speed mode works on hard and plush floors like rugs, carpets, and tiles. 

The anti-tangle hairbrush is a lifesaver for machines like this that wrap around husky hair, preventing suction. 

I appreciate the multiple suction settings that allow me to use the correct battery power amount that’s required. Moreover, it’s lightweight, easy to steer through obstacles, and doesn’t have a tangle of cords to trip you over!

Still, it’d have been more convenient if the components like the dustbin, battery, and motor were located lower down the handle, a design flaw. 

It’s also not the lightest vacuum at 10.75lbs. Furthermore, the filter requires regular replacement, or it’d overheat the machine, stall, or consume more energy to perform.

That said, this B&D vacuum does an admirable job and worth buying. Pro tip: ensure you insert the battery fully before use!


  • Self-standing for easy storage
  • LED lighting to spot hidden dirt
  • It works with a stick and as a handheld


  • The battery takes around five hours to charge
  • The filter requires regular replacement

siberian husky vacuum buying guide

Guide To Buying The Best Siberian Husky Hair Vacuum

A vacuum cleaner for husky hair is hard to find because of the many substandard products that litter the market. 

This guide will show you what to look for if you decide against the above-mentioned products.

Adjustable or Fixed Suction Power

Adjustable suction power allows you to tweak the suction level to suit the surface type. This feature ensures you save energy and offers immense benefits for corded vacuums. 

Fixed suction power uses the same power level regardless of surface. They are better for corded versions where power is constant.

Upright or Handheld

Upright vacuums are best for large spaces and suitable for individuals with arthritis and other back problems. 

Handheld vacuums are great for small areas and are more portable. Still, they aren’t arthritis-friendly and often serve as a backup for the upright versions.

Corded or Cordless or Hybrid

Corded vacuums offer unlimited runtime because you can plug them into an outlet and use it as long as you want. The downside is that you can’t use the machine off the grid or in locations without electricity. 

Cordless vacuums are easier to maneuver but use a battery which reduces the runtime. Moreover, replacing batteries every few months adds to the long-term maintenance cost. 

Hybrids use electricity – a corded feature and have a battery for cordless use. Still, replacing batteries isn’t cheap, and these hybrids often cost more than other vacuum types.

Replaceable or Washable Filters

The best vacuum for husky hair often uses a HEPA filtration system to remove all pet dander and allergens from the air. 

Replaceable filters usually have a better performance which may drop sharply the older it gets. The logical solution is to replace the filter after a specific period, which adds to the overall maintenance cost. 

Notably, other vacuum types use washable filters, which may not be as effective in trapping husky hairs and other air toxins. The upside is the lower maintenance. These filters also offer a longer lifespan compared to replaceable versions.


Below are some commonly asked questions about selecting the best shampoo for huskies.

Can you vacuum a husky?

Yes you can vacuum a husky and it’s a great way to help when your husky is shedding. It’s a quick and easy way to remove loose and excess hair which would otherwise end up around the house.

How do you get rid of Husky undercoat?

You can remove loose hairs by using a hair vacuum suitable for dog hair.

How do you Deshed a husky?

The best ways to Deshed a husky:
1. Use an undercoat rake
2. Use special deshedding shampoo
3. Use a husky hair vacuum
All of these will help when your husky is shedding hair.


Dealing with husky hair isn’t a task for the fainthearted, and one of the most daunting aspects of owning this lovable dog. 

Luckily, the Bissell 2252 CleanView is here to rescue you from stubborn dog hair taking over your home. 

The vacuum is easy to use, lightweight for extended cleaning, and has great suction power that’s easy to adjust.

Nonetheless, the choices above are all excellent alternatives, and you can’t go wrong picking any of the above.