Husky Puppies for Sale in Alaska

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Finding a reputable husky breeders can be a daunting task when looking to find husky puppies for sale in Alaska. With so many options available, it can be difficult to determine which breeders are trustworthy and provide healthy, happy puppies.

In this article, I will explore the world of husky breeding in Alaska and provide tips to help you find a responsible breeder who can provide you with the perfect husky puppy.

The Best Husky Breeders in Alaska

I’ve provided a list of the top husky breeders in Alaska based on my experience.

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Treeline Siberians

Contact Number(907)707-3902
Email[email protected]

TreeLine Siberians was founded by the Snyder family shortly after acquiring their first Siberian Husky, Ara. Their love for the breed and desire to preserve the unique qualities of the Siberian Husky through responsible breeding led them to establish their kennel. I personally visited their facility and can attest to their passion for the breed and commitment to the well-being of their dogs.

I had the opportunity to see their show dogs and witness the Snyders’ dedication to excellence. Kevin and Mara, who met while studying at the University of Notre Dame, acquired their first show dog, Sorin, and prepared her for their first bouts in the conformation show ring. Sorin finished her AKC championship in 2014.

For the Snyder family, the health and happiness of their Siberian Huskies are their top priority. While there is no single test that can guarantee the overall health of a dog, they strive to make enlightened breeding decisions by taking advantage of available genetic health testing to produce Siberian Husky offspring that conform to breed standards and lead long and healthy lives, free from hereditary diseases. My experience at TreeLine Siberians reinforced their reputation as responsible and caring breeders.

Husky Puppies for Sale in Anchorage

Midnight Sun Pomskies

Contact Number907-723-1428
Email[email protected]

Midnight Sun Pomskies is a small kennel run by Kimber and her husband Nathan, who are both born and raised in Alaska. They are huge animal lovers and started their kennel in 2016 after months of research into the Pomsky breed.

Their breeding philosophy is centered around breeding healthy, well-socialized, and happy Pomskies. They carefully select their foundation dogs from fantastic breeders across the United States, DNA testing them for over 160 genetic diseases, and regularly vet checking them. Their puppies are born and raised in their home, receiving the best possible start in life with a hands-on approach for socialization.

Midnight Sun Pomskies is committed to providing their customers with ongoing support and guidance, ensuring that their puppies are placed in the best possible homes. Kimber and Nathan pour their hearts and souls into their dogs and are passionate about sharing their love of Pomskies with others. If you’re interested in buying a healthy and well-socialized Pomsky, reach out to Midnight Sun Pomskies.

Husky Puppies for Sale Near Me in Alaska

I’ve shared my findings and listed some of the top Husky breeders in Alaska, spanning various cities and regions throughout the state so you can find a husky breeder near you.

I handpicked these based on their dedication to ethical breeding practices, the health and well-being of their dogs, and their capacity to provide a joyful and well-adjusted Siberian Husky puppy.

By offering you a curated list of reputable breeders, my goal is to streamline your search for the perfect husky puppies for sale near you and make it more enjoyable, ensuring you can find a loving companion close to home.

Questions & Answers (FAQ)

Here’s some common Q&A on this topic:

How much does a husky puppy cost in Alaska?

Siberian Huskies are an expensive breed. In Alaska, the cost to buy a husky puppy would range around $1,200 – $3,500.

Can huskies live in Alaska?

Yes, huskies can live in Alaska, and it is actually an ideal location for them due to its cold weather. Alaska’s climate, characterized by long, snowy winters and cool summers, suits the thick double coat of the Siberian Husky.

What can I do to feel confident about my chosen Husky breeder and puppy?

Engage in extensive research, inquire about details, and authenticate information related to the breeder and puppies. Look for personal endorsements and reviews from fellow dog owners to bolster your confidence in your decision, leading to a fulfilling dog ownership journey.