Husky Puppies for Sale in Louisiana

husky puppies for sale in louisiana

When hunting for husky puppies for sale in Louisiana, it might be difficult to identify trustworthy husky breeders. With so many alternatives, determining which breeders are trustworthy and give healthy, happy puppies can be tough.

In this post, I’ll delve into the world of husky breeding in Louisiana and offer advice on how to identify a competent breeder that can provide you with the ideal husky puppy.

The Best Husky Breeders in Louisiana

I’ve provided a list of the top husky breeders in Louisiana based on my experience.

A husky puppy sitting on a white cloth

K & M Kennels Home of Louisiana Huskies

Location10808 Red Rd, Kaplan, Louisiana 70548
Contact Number337-378-4218

Nestled in the heart of south central Louisiana, I took the time to visit this breeder. There’s a team of passionate Siberian Husky enthusiasts who have revered this breed for over two decades. Their devotion to these incredibly active, intelligent dogs is palpable. I was impressed with how they treat each Siberian Husky as a cherished family member, investing significant time, love, and care into their wellbeing.

Their breeding philosophy and goals revolve around emphasizing the responsibility and dedication it takes to own a Siberian Husky. It was clear during my visit that they prioritize providing these dogs with plenty of exercise and attention. They not only acknowledge the breed’s intelligence and activity levels but also the safety measures necessary, such as leashing and secured yards, to keep these dogs safe.

In terms of health and quality assurance, the team takes all necessary measures to ensure the Huskies are in optimum health. All available Siberian Husky puppies are sold with a Health Guarantee, AKC (limited) registration, a spay/neuter agreement, a microchip, their first set of vaccinations, and are subjected to deworming. They also provide a puppy pack to new owners.

A standout feature of this breeder is their emphasis on treating Huskies as members of their family rather than confining them to small kennels. The dogs live and run as a pack, with a wide range of coat and eye colors represented in their purebred Siberian Huskies. This is a testament to their dedication to preserve and showcase the diverse beauty of this breed.

Husky Puppies for Sale in New Orleans

Hillary’s Husky Haven

Contact Number318-587-0422
Email[email protected]

Hillary’s Husky Haven is a family dedicated to Siberian Huskies that has built a reputation for nurturing this medium-sized, highly intelligent breed. With an experience rich in daily hands-on care, they treat every Husky as a cherished member of their own family. The huskies live harmoniously as a pack, enjoying the freedom of expansive living spaces as opposed to confined kennels.

When it comes to their breeding philosophy and goals, they celebrate the diverse range of coat and eye colors found in purebred Siberian Huskies. Each dog is lovingly handled on a daily basis, reinforcing the bond between the breeders and the huskies, and ensuring each dog is well-socialized and content.

The health and quality assurance measures at this breeding facility are thorough and comprehensive. Puppies are sold with a Health Guarantee, a sales contract, and either AKC or CKC (limited) registration. They are spayed or neutered, receive their first set of vaccinations, and undergo deworming. Additionally, each puppy is fecal and parvo tested to ensure they are in optimal health when they go to their new homes.

Husky Puppies for Sale in Baton Rouge

Southland Husky Kennels LLC

Contact Number337-499-7331
Email[email protected]

Southland Husky Kennels is a dedicated hub for the nurturing and rearing of delightful Siberian Husky puppies. Additionally, they extend a unique service of providing boarding facilities to all who become part of their extended Husky family.

They wholeheartedly invite anyone interested in their pups to visit them in person. They believe in fostering relationships with potential adopters and showcasing the quality care their huskies receive. The open invitation allows visitors to witness first-hand the environment the puppies are raised in, emphasizing the commitment Southland Husky Kennels has towards its furry residents.

Husky Puppies for Sale in Shreveport

Blue Eyed Louisiana Huskies in the Ruff

Contact Number1-225-571-1488
Email[email protected]

Blue Eyed Louisiana Huskies in the Ruff, LLC is a renowned and Louisiana State-licensed Husky Kennel. The breeder, with over two decades of experience since 1998, has been passionately breeding superior Siberian Huskies. My personal visit to the facility affirmed the breeder’s dedication and love for these unique dogs.

The breeder’s philosophy centers around the seamless transition of their beloved Huskies from their nurturing homes to the new owners. The ultimate goal is to breed the finest pet companions, educate the new owners, and ensure these precious dogs receive the care, love, and attention they warrant. There’s an unparalleled satisfaction the breeder derives from uniting one of their huskies with a loving new owner, which explains the significant investment in time, love, and resources to continually place these special canines in knowledgeable and loving homes.

Over the years, the breeder has gained a wealth of knowledge and has established themselves as a reliable breeder. They are more than happy to share their insights to help prospective owners understand the breed better. However, they strongly advise potential owners to do their research as owning a Husky is a commitment that requires a comprehensive understanding of the breed’s traits. I saw their dedication to educating new owners and ensuring the best match for each Husky.

Husky Puppies for Sale in Lafayette

Kingdom Kennel Siberian Huskies

Contact Number+1 601-590-0157

Kingdom Kennel, an esteemed breeder, specializes in champion pedigree Siberian Husky Puppies. Starting in 2012, they’ve focused on raising healthy and well-bred Huskies, certified by the AKC and CKC.

Their breeding philosophy centers on family commitment. The owners and their four children invest quality time with the puppies, believing early human contact contributes to lifelong confidence and socialization skills. They ensure each puppy easily integrates into their new home, reflecting the family’s full-time dedication to these dogs.

Prioritizing health, Kingdom Kennel offers a health guarantee, safeguarding buyers and ensuring only healthy puppies are brought home.

Unique to Kingdom Kennel is their total immersion in their dogs’ lives. This commitment goes beyond a profession; it’s a lifestyle revolving around their Siberian Huskies’ well-being.

Husky Puppies for Sale Near Me in Louisiana

I’ve shared my findings and listed some of the top Husky breeders in Louisiana, spanning various cities and regions throughout the state so you can find a husky breeder near you.

I handpicked these based on their dedication to ethical breeding practices, the health and well-being of their dogs, and their capacity to provide a joyful and well-adjusted Siberian Husky puppy.

By offering you a curated list of reputable breeders, my goal is to streamline your search for the perfect husky puppies for sale near you and make it more enjoyable, ensuring you can find a loving companion close to home.

Questions & Answers (FAQ)

Here’s some common Q&A on this topic:

How much does a husky puppy cost in Louisiana?

The cost of a husky puppy in Louisiana, USA ranges between $800 and $2,000. Could be more depending on the breeder, lineage, quality, and demand.

Can huskies live in Louisiana?

Huskies can face challenges in Louisiana’s hot and humid climate due to their thick double coat adapted for colder climates. Providing a cool living environment, shade, ample water, and exercise during cooler hours are essential to prevent overheating and ensure their well-being.

What can I do to feel confident about my chosen Husky breeder and puppy?

Engage in extensive research, inquire about details, and authenticate information related to the breeder and puppies. Look for personal endorsements and reviews from fellow dog owners to bolster your confidence in your decision, leading to a fulfilling dog ownership journey.