Husky Puppies for Sale in Wisconsin

husky puppies for sale in wisconsin

When hunting for husky puppies for sale in Wisconsin, it might be difficult to identify trustworthy husky breeders. With so many alternatives, determining which breeders are trustworthy and give healthy, happy puppies can be tough.

In this post, I’ll delve into the world of husky breeding in Wisconsin and offer advice on how to identify a competent breeder that can provide you with the ideal husky puppy.

The Best Husky Breeders in Wisconsin

I’ve provided a list of the top husky breeders in Wisconsin based on my experience.

Maxhaven Kennels husky breeder

Maxhaven Kennels LLC

Contact Number715-884-3203
Email[email protected]

Maxhaven Kennels LLC is an esteemed home to AKC Siberian Husky puppies. Owned and operated by Duane and Deana Becker, the kennel has been a thriving hub for Siberian Husky breeding since 1995. Their reputation precedes them, with their puppies finding loving homes in every state in the Continental United States, and even beyond to Alaska, Canada, Japan, and Saudi Arabia.

When I visitem them, I saw their commitment to high standards. As a member of the American Kennel Club (AKC), Maxhaven Kennels is subject to annual inspections, ensuring they maintain the top-tier quality associated with the AKC. All of their Siberian Huskies are registered with the AKC, reinforcing their dedication to quality. Moreover, they are licensed with their county board and through the State of Wisconsin, further testament to their adherence to best practices in breeding. The level of care and professionalism exhibited by the team at Maxhaven was truly impressive, making it clear why they enjoy such a wide-reaching and esteemed reputation.

Husky Puppies for Sale in Milwaukee

MKE Siberian Husky Community

Contact Number(262) 528-6070

Huskies are the lifeblood of this breeder. It’s impossible for them to envisage a life where these energetic canines don’t play a central role. Their steadfast dedication is focused on nurturing excellent, healthy family pets. They’re constantly enriching their knowledge, determined to elevate their breeding program, and eager to disseminate their learned wisdom.

The journey all started with their endearing Bobo, whose allure ignited an unwavering love for the breed. As a responsible breeder, they’ve committed to producing healthy, well-adjusted pups – an endeavor that has proven to be an extraordinary experience, filling them with an unparalleled sense of satisfaction.

To MKE Siberian Husky Community, their dogs are more than pets; they are integral members of the family. Their constant interaction with the dogs forms an optimal environment for raising puppies. These pups are born into a safe, affectionate setting where they quickly grasp their importance within the family unit. The puppies are raised understanding their value and their purpose within the family fold.

Husky Puppies for Sale in Madison

KPM Siberians

Facebook Page
Email[email protected]

KPM Siberians is a well-regarded breeder specializing in high-quality Siberian Husky puppies, with pedigree certifications from registries including the AKC and CKC. With 11 years of experience in breeding, and five years specifically dedicated to Siberians, KPM Siberians has honed its craft.

All puppies under their care are socialized from their very first day, and the operation is officially licensed by the state of Wisconsin. Come 2016, KPM Siberians plans to expand its repertoire by introducing German Shepherds into their breeding program, offering both Siberian Huskies and German Shepherds to prospective pet owners. Check them out and see their available husky puppies.

Husky Puppies for Sale in Green Bay

Lunter’s Heaven Huskies

Facebook Page
Contact Number715-612-2424
Email[email protected]

Amanda is the proud owner and founder of Lunter’s Heaven Huskies. From a young age, she had an enduring affection for huskies and always aspired to have them in her life. As she grew older, the Siberian Husky breed struck the perfect chord with her, aligning with everything she sought in a pet companion. Her dedication to maintaining their health, ensuring their happiness, providing adequate training and exercise, and showering them with love and spoiling them is unmistakable. Her passion reignited in 2017 when Luna & Hunter entered her life, and she fell head over heels for the breed once again.

Lunter’s Heaven Huskies is all about producing Siberian Husky pups that are healthy, have great temperaments, and are well-structured. Operating on a small scale, they raise AKC Siberian Huskies and have a breeding cycle of only one litter a year. Their breeding program is characterized by thorough health checks: OFA hip and eye CERF evaluations, genetic health tests via Embark, and brucellosis tests. Since 2022, they’ve included OFA elbow and OFA Legg-Calve-Perthes evaluations.

Every pup from Lunter’s Heaven Huskies goes home with a comprehensive puppy pack, lifelong breeder support, a binding contract, a health guarantee, and many more benefits, reflecting their unwavering commitment to their puppies’ wellbeing and happiness.

Husky Puppies for Sale in Kenosha

Happy Huskies

Contact Number(608) 723-8789
Email[email protected]

The breeder at Happy Huskies has cultivated a deep love for Huskies, a journey that began with their first Siberian Husky, Max. At Happy Huskies, dogs are viewed as family, enjoying all the privileges that come with such a status. These puppies partake in family activities, ranging from biking and swimming to various other lively engagements.

These Huskies are incredibly fortunate to have expansive pastures at their disposal where they can freely play, run, and interact with their fellow four-legged companions and human friends.

Husky Puppies for Sale in Racine

Trepak Siberian Huskies

Email[email protected]

For over two decades now, this breeder has been actively showcasing and breeding their own top-winning AKC registered Siberian Huskies. They are actively involved in the Siberian Husky Club of America and the Siberian Husky Club of the Twin Cities, Inc., faithfully abiding by the clubs’ established code of ethics.

As an AKC Breeder of Merit, their goal revolves around breeding and presenting high-quality Siberian Huskies that meet the AKC standard in terms of health, temperament, and structure; all while preserving the breed’s legacy as true working dogs. This includes executing the necessary health checks, especially focusing on hips and eyes, to secure the future of the breed.

Husky Puppies for Sale Near Me in Wisconsin

husky puppies outside on a snowy ground

I’ve shared my findings and listed some of the top Husky breeders in Wisconsin, spanning various cities and regions throughout the state so you can find a husky breeder near you.

I handpicked these based on their dedication to ethical breeding practices, the health and well-being of their dogs, and their capacity to provide a joyful and well-adjusted Siberian Husky puppy.

By offering you a curated list of reputable breeders, my goal is to streamline your search for the perfect husky puppies for sale near you and make it more enjoyable, ensuring you can find a loving companion close to home.

Questions & Answers (FAQ)

Here’s some common Q&A on this topic:

How much does a husky puppy cost in Wisconsin?

The cost of a husky puppy in Wisconsin generally falls within the range of $1,000 to $2,500 or more, depending on factors such as breeder reputation, lineage, quality, location, and demand.

Can huskies live in Wisconsin?

Yes, Huskies can live in Wisconsin. The state’s colder climate, especially during winter months, aligns well with a Husky’s natural affinity for cooler temperatures due to their thick double coat.

What can I do to feel confident about my chosen Husky breeder and puppy?

Engage in extensive research, inquire about details, and authenticate information related to the breeder and puppies. Look for personal endorsements and reviews from fellow dog owners to bolster your confidence in your decision, leading to a fulfilling dog ownership journey.