How We Review Products

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We created Husky Dog Club to be the number 1 resource and community for anything related to Siberian Huskies. We review a range of products – from food, training tools and grooming equipment so you can find the most suitable product for you and your husky.

When reviewing products, we hold ourselves and the team to the highest standard and only recommend products we would use ourselves. The purpose of this page is to give you some insight on the review process behind our recommendations.

Our Expert Team

Dr Mirando Willams

Dr Miranda Williams

Veterinary Medicine

Small animal veterinarian concentrating on canine preventative medicine, urgent care, management, physical rehabilitation, and behavior medicine. 

Dr Shar;ly Saleep

Dr. Sharly Saleep

Veterinary Medicine

Extensive experience in small animal medicine and surgery and deep knowledge of large animal medicine and management.

Courtney Stauffer

Courtney Stauffer

Certified Dog Trainer

Professional dog trainer focussing on positive reinforcement, connection and commitment.

Our Review Process

Here is everything we do before featuring a product on our website.

Understand Quality & The Brand Behind the Product

The first thing we want to ensure is a quality product to ensure it’s built to last and does the job it’s designed to do. When looking at a product, we consider:

  • How established the brand is – when, size and what’s the company’s history
  • Have they made this type of product before – is this a newer, refined version or a first entry
  • Are there any regulatory requirements – for example, when reviewing dog food there are organisations that ensure it’s safe and meets nutritional requirements such as the FDA, USDA, AAFCO and FTC.

Evaluate User Reviews

In addition to our own assessment and testing of products, we look through other peoples experience and reviews with a product.

When we find strong negative or positive review, we reach out to the writer to understand their experience more and reflect any insights in our reviews.

By doing this, we’re widening the review to include the wisdom and experience of many husky owners to further give you a well-rounded review.

positive and negative customer review example

Independent Veterinary Review

Whilst we have a ton of experience using products with our own huskies, where required we get independent experts to review our review to provide any comments and input.

For example, for a food review we’ll get someone on our team who is a qualified vet to review the recommended brands to double check the nutrients are suitable for huskies.

If we’re reviewing a training tool we’ll have one of our professional husky trainers review and provide any comments or input.

This is how we ensure all our recommendations are tailored for huskies and meet the highest standards.

Evaluate Marketing Claims

Brands often make incredible claims when promoting their products. We go through the claims and debunk and false statements so you know exactly what the product does and provides.

Understand The Products Target Market

There are many great products on the market, but not many are suited for Siberian Huskies. That’s why this site was created – to focus solely on huskies (and husky mixes) so you can find products which are more tailored towards the needs of huskies.

We’ll consider the products price point – premium, value or budget as not all products will be suitable for everyone’s circumstances.

Delivery & Service

We check to see what delivery options are available. The last thing you’d want is to find the perfect food for your husky and have to wait 10 days for it to arrive. We review delivery time, cost and return policy (in the event things don’t work out!).

The service a brand/company provides is also essential. If you purchase a training tool with no support or poor instructions that’s not going to be useful – no matter how good the tool is.

Where applicable, we test the support service of brands of our recommended products. This ensures if you have problems – quality, problems, how to use etc that you have some support to help you work through it.

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What We Don’t Do

Now you know what we do when reviewing products, it’s also important you understand what we don’t do.

Take payment for reviews

Some companies are willing to pay for a positive review and recommendation for their product. We believe that any product which is designed well and does wonders for huskies will shine.

Those products where the company behind it needs to pay for a positive review are short-term and often have a sub-standard product which won’t stand up to scrutiny.

This website was designed to provide a curated list of the top husky tools and equipment and we’d be shooting ourselves in the foot if we recommended shoddy products.

Rest assured, anything we feature is up to standard.

Ignore Expert Reviewer Input

We have an expert team of professional with relevant qualifications reviewing our work. If they suggest something which we’ve missed we add it in.

If a trainer tells us to avoid a certain tool because it’s a gimmick – we won’t feature it. If a vet says a particular brand of dog food is awful for your husky – you won’t find it on our site.

Go Against Research and Data

No matter our personal opinion, or how much we love a product, if data or research shows that a product is no good for huskies – you won’t find it on our site.

Therefore, anything you find on our site has gone through our process to weed out inferior and unsuitable products to ensure you’re only considering trusted and worthy products for your husky.