Best Shock Collars for Huskies

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Siberian Husky wearing a shock collar outside training

Introduction to The Best Shock Collars for Siberian Huskies

I tested 24 products and found the PATPET P680 Lightweight Remote Dog Training Collar to be the best collar for Husky owners.

Shopping around for a shock collar can be difficult, and as a good pet owner, you want to get what is best for your Husky. Every dog has different needs, problems, and personalities – so having multiple options for shock collars is essential for your pet. 

For example, a generally well-behaved husky may not need the strongest collar on this list, but a dog with long-term behavioral problems may require a collar with more strength or capabilities. Other factors I’ll delve into are age, weight, and size requirements. 

Why I Chose the PATPET P680 

The primary reason I chose the PATPET P680 as my number one pick is its raving reviews. On the Chewy website, it has arguably the best ratings out of the other available shock collars. There are 300 reviews on the PATPET, and 90% are above four stars. 

So, what makes this shock collar so great? I’ll go into this more below, but the product checks nearly every box – its price, appearance, and accessories are top-notch and appeal to nearly every husky owner. The P680 costs less than $50, which is the average price for a quality shock collar (high-end collars may go up to over $150).

While this particular model may not work for every dog, it suits most temperaments and physical builds. I find it to be convenient, adaptable, and user-friendly, but more on that later. 

Best Shock Collar for Your Husky

Whether you want the total package or a niche collar for your specific needs (budget-friendly, strength level, or behavioral), I’ve narrowed down the best available for your beloved husky.

Read on for the finest shock collars for your dog, what makes each one unique, and which one best suits your Husky.

Ready to see what I’ve found? Let’s begin!

Our Best Shock Collars For Huskies

1Best OverallPATPET P680 Lightweight Remote Dog Training Collar⭐ 9.0
2Best for Intense TrainingPetDiary T502 2600-ft Training E-Collar⭐ 8.1
3Best for BeginnersPATPET P320 1000ft Remote Dog Training Shock eCollar⭐ 7.8
4Best Budget OptionPATPET P301 1000-ft Remote Dog Bark Control & Training Shock Collar⭐ 8.4
5Best Premium E-CollarEducator By E-Collar Technologies Mini Remote Training Collar⭐ 7.6
6Best Durable E-CollarPATPET P920 Outdoor Dedicated 4000ft Remote Dog Training Collar⭐ 7.9

6 Best Shock Collars For Huskies Reviewed

The following are our choices for the best shock collars for Huskies, including the best overall, the best for each price range, and the best for outdoor use.

Best Overall

PATPET P680 Lightweight Remote Dog Training Collar


As stated above, the PATPET P680 has a lot to offer. From cost-effectiveness to high ratings, the P680 is hard to beat. 

The P680 collar weighs slightly over 11 ounces and has dimensions of 5.87 x 4.45 x 2.56 inches. This shock collar is for adult dogs and is large enough to accommodate large huskies, with a weight limit of 88 pounds.

This shock collar comes in 2 colors – black and sky blue. The design is sleek, non-clunky, and does not look as menacing as the shock collars of yore. It also comes with remote control with multiple settings, including tone, vibration, and 16 shock levels. 

And, while shock collars were not previously designed for comfort, the PATPET P680 comes with silicone contacts instead of metal, to ensure your dog stays as comfortable as possible. This product is also waterproof, making it ideal for huskies spending time in the snow or enjoying other adventures. 

I would recommend the P680 to any Husky owner. Its price, reviews, and functionality make it one of the best shock collars on the market, and the customization options work for nearly every dog.

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Best for Intense Training

PetDiary T502 2600-ft Training E-Collar

Best Shock Collars for Huskies 1

If you plan on training your husky at night or at a great distance, the PetDiary T502 is the perfect shock collar for you. Designed to work up to 500 yards away and with multiple LED light settings, this model suits even the most intense training sessions.

Like the PATPET P680, this product is waterproof and made of synthetic fabrics to keep your dog comfortable during training. The PetDiary T502 can also support up to three dogs at once, so if you have multiple Huskies or other small-to-medium dogs, you won’t have to use multiple remotes to train them.

The PetDiary T502 2600 has multiple modes (beep, vibration, shock, and LED). If you decide against utilizing a shock method of training, the collar can still prove to be useful. Additionally, there is LED lighting available for when you may have to do late night or early morning training.

Another bonus? This collar is under $40, making it even more affordable than the P680. While the remote is slightly bulkier than the PATPET collar, the personalization options and affordability make up for its size. 

The manufacturer suggests moving the shock collar every 2 hours, and never keeping it on your dog for over 12. It fits dogs with a neck circumference up to 24 inches and over 8 pounds, although it suits large breeds more than small dogs.

Like the PATPET P680, the PetDiary T502 is an excellent choice for most Husky owners – especially those that plan on taking their dogs on late-night adventures or training them as snow dogs. It also makes a great training method for all behavior levels and ages. 

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Best for Beginners

PATPET P320 1000-ft Remote Dog Training Shock E-collar

PATPET P320 Remote Dog Training Shock E-colla

The PATPET P320 is the classic shock collar with a few added extras. While the reviews for the collar may not be as glowing, this model works well for beginners and less experienced Husky trainers.

The PATPET P320 can sustain 2 dogs per remote. You can customize your training experience with loud beeps, 8 vibration settings, and 16 mild electric shock varieties depending on your needs and desired outcome. It covers up to 300 yards – so not quite as far as the PetDiary collar, but still a relatively long distance.

You can use this collar for any adult dog between 20 to 120 pounds. It is perfect for a Husky or for any of your other dogs. The collar has a durable, reflective nylon collar strap that fits necks up to 25 inches, and a warning system to let you know if the stimulation you provide is too much for your dog. 

At under $40, the P320 is an excellent option for first-timers. If you end up not liking it, you aren’t out hundreds of dollars. I also think this option suits Husky owners that may not want to engage in high-endurance training or activity with their dog, as it doesn’t come with LED lights or the long-distance range that other options on this list have.

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Best Budget Option

PATPET P301 1000-ft Remote Dog Bark Control & Training Shock Collar

PATPET P301 1000-ft E-Collar Budget

Not everyone can drop tons of money on a dog collar, but you may still need high-quality features and materials. The PATPET P301 is one of my favorite affordable choices for its durable materials and customization options. The P301 currently costs under $25 at Chewy, and you can even get a two-count option at under $40.

Don’t get me wrong though – the lower price tag does not indicate poor quality. This powerful collar accommodates dogs up to 120 pounds and measures up to 25 inches. It works well for outdoor use and has a range up to 1000ft. The material is adaptable and comfortable nylon with no metal contactors (although it does have long prongs). 

The downside? This collar is not rechargeable and requires Triple AAA batteries. If you want the convenience of plugging in your collar each day, this may not be the shock collar for you. However, if you don’t mind changing batteries every once and a while, this product is a total winner! 

The PATPET P301 offers a selection of loud beeps, vibrations, and 16 levels of mild electric shock to properly train your Husky. Like the P320, the P301 also has a warning system to notify you if your dog receives too much stimulation. 

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Best Premium E-Collar

Educator By E-Collar Technologies Mini Remote Training Collar

Educator By E-Collar Technologies Mini Remote Training Collar

If you are a Husky owner with more cash to spend on a training collar, I suggest the Educator Mini Remote Training Collar. This shock collar will set you back $309.99 right now on Chewy, but with the number of features, the ends justify the means. 

I recommend this collar for professional trainers or those looking to prepare their Husky for shows or athletics. The average dog may not need something this extravagant unless their behavioral problems are extreme. 

The Educator Mini comes equipped with multiple types of stimulation, is waterproof, and supports up to two dogs per transmitter. As the name suggests, the Mini is also relatively small, employing an almost stopwatch-like design for its remote. 

What really sets this collar apart, though, is its range. This model can reach up to ½ a mile and remains just as effective until your dog becomes out of range. It also has a lock and set technology that ranges from 1-100, and boosts levels from 1-60 to customize the collar to your dog. 

I appreciate the countless levels because it provides a more humane way of disciplining your dog – your shocks are blunt and low-impact. It also works for all breeds and dogs over 5 pounds, so if you want to get your Husky puppy trained quickly, the Educator Mini is your best bet. 

For additional canine comfort, the collar is composed of BioThane, a type of unique polyester webbing coated with a polymer, which makes the collar durable, waterproof, and quick to clean. It also means that the collar can be cleanly cut without fraying if the need to adjust its size arises. This is yet another reason why I love this collar for young dogs, as you do not have to purchase a new collar as your puppy grows.

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Best Durable E-Collar

PATPET P920 Outdoor Dedicated 4000-ft Remote Dog Training Collar

PATPET P920 Outdoor Dedicated Remote Dog Training Collar

Huskies love the outdoors and allowing them as much time outside to roam and play as possible is essential. A more outdoors-inclined dog can make training difficult, as they typically want to stray from your side and explore the wilderness (or just your backyard). 

The PATPET P920 is waterproof, rugged, and works well for hunting and hiking. If you plan on exploring rough terrain with your Husky, this collar is the best way to get them trained and ready for the great unknown. Additionally, the P920 has a belt buckle clip to provide hands-free training. It provides vibrations, beeps, and 16 shock levels. 

However, this collar is not as sleek as some of the others on this list. I do not suggest this collar for those looking for a non-obvious shock collar or something that’s not bulky – this product is impossible to miss. If you don’t mind the chunky exterior, though, the durable plastic and polyurethane materials are perfect for outdoor adventures. 

This shock collar is the best for Husky owners that want their dogs to be out of the house often. The other shock collars on this list can withstand the outdoors, but the P920 was designed specifically for that reason and will last through rough weather, terrain, and training sessions. I always recommend this collar for hunters!

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Portrait of Siberian husky with blue and brown eyes wearing shock collar

Guide To Buying Shock Collars For Huskies

Purchasing a shock collar for your husky is one thing, but if you don’t know what to look for, the above products may seem daunting. Below are a few key aspects you should look for in any collar for your pooch.

What to Look For When Buying a Shock Collar For a Husky

Before you choose a collar for your husky, there are three key factors to keep in mind: sizing, colors, customization, and safety. 


Finding a comfortable collar is essential for successful training. Think about it – if your dog constantly has to stop and scratch its neck, claws at the collar, or even attempt to bite it, it will not concentrate on training. Discomfort from a shock collar will only distract them further from your goal. 

The ideal material is a synthetic fiber that is not metal and does not have metallic contacts. Silicone or plastic contacts are the best choice! 

Also, ensure you measure the neck before purchasing a collar and check its adjustability. A collar that is too large or too small can harm and distract your dog, especially if it’s a non-stretch material. 


No 2 huskies are the same, so the way you train them differs, too. You need a shock collar with multiple disciplinary options and levels for your training to be effective. 

For example, some dogs respond well to noise, as they hate loud sounds. Finding a collar that beeps or has several sound capabilities is ideal in this situation, as you may not need to utilize the shock feature. Other dogs may not care about sound and only respond to vibrations or shocks, which indicates you need a collar with extensive shock levels. 


Safety is the most important aspect of using a shock collar. While you want the collar to encourage a response, you never want to harm your Husky or cause extreme discomfort. 

The models above that have warning alarms are ideal if you have not ever used a shock collar and do not understand the levels, as they let you know if your dog is experiencing excessive pain during training.


Are you still curious about the perfect Husky shock collar? The following are the most commonly asked questions regarding the best shock collars for Huskies. 

Do Electric Shock Collars Work?

Yes, shock collars work if you use them appropriately. Again, never use too high of a shock or use the collar for over 12 hours, as this can hurt your Husky. But proper, humane use is an effective way to control excessive barking or roughness.

Are Shock Collars Good for Huskies?

Yes and no. If your Husky is well-behaved and does not have disciplinary problems, you likely do not need a shock collar. Using one on a tame Husky is an unnecessary punishment and a waste of money. 

However, some Huskies are stubborn, and no matter how hard you try, you cannot get them to behave – which is when a shock collar is the most beneficial. Exercise, routine walks, and playtime are all things to try before implementing a shock collar.

Is a Shock Collar a Good Training Method?

If you want your dog to obey you, yes, shock collars are a decent training method. This is especially true if you want your Husky to become a show-dog or try your hand at dog sledding. 

While shock collars are a good method, they are not the only method. Treats and positive reinforcement are also excellent training measures.

When Should I Use a Shock Collar?

Most people bring in a shock collar to fix unwanted behaviors or aggressions, but some use them for specific training goals (like K-9 police dogs). You may also want to try a shock collar on your Husky if they wander off your property frequently. Keeping your dog on your property is one way to keep them as safe as possible. 

Are Shock Collars Legal?

If you live in the United States, yes, shock collars are 100% legal – in every state. However, several countries have banned them, so ensure you double-check your laws before purchasing a shock collar for your Husky. 

That said, legal shock collars are models you can find in stores or from legitimate sellers online. Never buy a homemade shock collar, as you don’t know its power level and it could seriously harm your dog.

Do Shock Collars Cause Brain Damage?

Contrary to popular belief, shock collars do not cause brain damage. If you utilize your collar humanely and correctly, your dog should sustain no lasting injuries or effects after a training session. 

If you have concerns regarding brain damage, try one of the collars above with an alarm system – that way you have a warning if your electric shocks become too powerful. 

Call your vet if you notice sudden changes in your dog or health concerns.

Will a Shock Collar Make My Husky Aggressive?

Again, if you use your collar properly, your Husky should not become aggressive with a shock collar. The only reason this would occur is if you use too strong of a shock or they have previous aggression problems. If you notice any changes in your Husky, make an appointment with your veterinarian.

Shock collars may not even be necessary if your Husky is non-aggressive. Try other methods before implementing the collar.


Finding the perfect shock collar for your Husky can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! The examples above demonstrate what you should look for in a collar and what will work best for your needs. 

However, the PATPET P680 is my top choice because it offers a comprehensive package – accessories, price, appearance, and customization options. While it may not be the cheapest on the list, its reviews and overall benefits make the price worth it. 

The final decision is up to you, of course. Research is vital when looking into the right tools to help train your fur baby, and this holds doubly true for shock collars. You want to ensure you get the best option for your Husky and a collar that suits your desired result – whether that entails hiking, behavioral improvements, or training for dog shows.

Start looking at new shock collars today to help you train your dog, and compare the collars I have provided here at Chewy to find the right one for you.