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Introduction to Siberian Husky Harnesses

To find the best harness for huskies, I examined a dozen products and found the Voyager Dual Attachment Harness to be the best overall.

After using harnesses for my many pups and finding all the good, the bad, and the ugly, I developed a list of all the necessary components to make up a perfect harness. There will be no more tearing straps or wiggling huskies with these harnesses. I have narrowed these down to only the best for you.

These choices of best harnesses for huskies all capture the most essential functions of a harness. Some even go further to satisfy a need you may have for your lazy, active, or elderly dogs. Long walks and easy fitting confirms that these harnesses will serve you and your dog through it all.

The Voyager Dual Attachment earned the title of the best harness for huskies because of the versatility and performance in every category. It is comfortable, sturdy, versatile, and safe, all at a reasonable price.

Other uses for a harness might persuade you to examine our other best harnesses, including LED light capability, extra storage for walks, mobility for running, and car safety.

Ultimately, you cannot go wrong with any of these options below. You can consider your most common habits to determine which harness may serve you best.

Find out below why we chose these 7 husky harnesses and why they just might become your new favorite accessory too!

7 Best Harness For Huskies Reviewed

We’ve set out the features and what we like about the seven harnesses we’ve looked at.

Best Overall

Voyager Dual Attachment Harness

best harness for Siberian husky

Excelling in every category from value to variation, this Voyager Dual Attachment Harness provides a larger version of the best-selling small-dog harness. Now, your husky can enjoy the classic comfort and security of a Voyager harness with the exact proportions and adjustability to his larger frame. 

The standout features of this harness are the many color options paired with high-quality materials, all at an affordable price.

This harness features all the necessary components for a leisurely no-pull walk or a quick run where your dog can feel comfortable and steady. With two attachment points on sturdy D rings, you can enjoy the maximum customization for your outing that best fits your dog’s needs and activity level. 

The handle along the back of the harness also provides greater control for training and guiding purposes. You can tighten this harness to fit your husky’s exact measurements with multiple adjustment points.

Available in 8 colors with reflective detailing, this padded harness can match your dog’s personality while providing a safe and snug fit. Finally, you can pair the sturdy matching Voyager leash that comes free with the purchase of this harness. Your husky can strut in style in this gear!

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Best No Pull

Mighty Paw Padded Reflective No-Pull Harness

reflective no-pull harness for huskies

Whether you have a particularly energetic dog or you like to visit public parks or public dog areas, a no-pull harness may be helpful for you. 

The Mighty Paw Harness offers one of the best options to gently and effectively minimize pulling behaviors while remaining comfortable and breathable. This harness includes two attachment points, so you may convert the harness to the standard or the no pull fit based on your exact needs.

What we love about this harness is the slim design along our dog’s chest and back. The weather-proof material remains sturdy and strong, with a padded lining adding comfort to your dog’s support.

Additionally,  wearing this harness won’t affect shoulder and arm movement, so your dog can easily walk alongside you without pulling.

Complete with adjustable straps and buckle closures, this harness should never feel flimsy while you put it on your husky. It can contain dogs weighing 50 to 90 pounds, so you can be confident that you will remain in control of your pup. The comfortable back handle enables you to maintain a short lead to keep her close and secure.

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Best For Running

Blueberry Reflective Back Clip 3M Harness

best for running adjustable

If you like to exercise with your dog, investing in a sporty harness can be a wonderful way to improve your pet’s experience and ensure that he is comfortable and happy. Some of the top features to look for in a running harness are breathability, mobility, and security. 

We found that the Blueberry 3M Harness provides these benefits and more for your active husky.

In this harness, your dog can sport the safety features of multiple reflective stripes and a reflective triangle along the back. The 2 vests use the lightweight mesh material to help your dog stay breezy and happy during your runs. The durable D ring sits at the back of the top vest to allow for maximum pull control and balance.

You can find this harness in 3 color combinations, allowing your husky to exercise in style! There are 4 adjustable straps along the sides of this harness to ensure that your pup finds the perfect fit.

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Best For Walking

PetSafe Reflective Walk Along Harness

best walking harness for husky

Your ideal walking harness might become the PetSafe Walk Along Harness, offering an innovative design alongside the typical harness features. 

We love this harness most for its convenient storage pouch that easily fits over the back. The comfortable padding, well-fitting straps, and durable construction make this harness the top choice for long walks.

This harness consists of soft and breathable nylon and synthetic fabric to create a convenient zipper pouch. The option to store small items along the husky’s back reduces the stress of carrying extra dog supplies or keys along walks and frees up our hands for your stroll. 

Dual attachment points and fully adjustable straps allow this harness to conform perfectly to your dog’s body.

Not only does this harness help during walks, but the training handle can also function as a seat belt tether to keep your dog safe and secure during your drives to the park. If you frequently find yourself struggling to secure all of your belongings or need a better-fitting harness for walks, this could be just the right husky gear for you!

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Best For Cars

Kurgo Tru-Fit Enhanced Strength Cash Tested Car Harness

soft handle in car harness

No matter how calm or crazy your husky can be during car rides, a properly attached harness will make a critical difference when events may not go according to plan. 

The Kurgo Tru-Fit Harness attains the spot as the best car harness with its crash-tested capability and versatile harness functions. Whether you plan to go for a big drive or a long walk, this harness can keep your dog safe. 

With 5 adjustment points on this harness, your husky will never need to worry about slipping out of the harness or feeling discomfort. A dog can run and walk freely with the padded chest plate adding support and protection when he meets resistance from the harness. You may attach the leash at the front or the back for different leading options.

The crash-tested carabiner attachment can easily fit your car’s seat belt system and has proven to protect dogs up to 75 pounds. You also have the option to use the carabiner clip as a short handle for training sessions with your husky. Available in black and red, this harness may become your dog’s new favorite accessory!

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Best For Night

Headlight LED Harness

hardness with light for night walking

If you and your husky spend more time walking in the early morning or darker evenings, then the Headlight Harness may solve your difficulties in navigating the dim light. This harness offers a modern solution to dusky walks with an LED light on the chest panel and reflective strips on the harness. With these added safety features, you can eliminate the stress of walking at night.

Complete with 4 adjustment points on the reflective straps, this harness does not sacrifice strength for innovation. 

The battery compartment for your dog’s light sits within a water-resistant pouch in the chest panel, meaning you can have confidence in the safety and effectiveness of this feature. The 2 attachment points give you a no-pull option and a standard harness fit.

During the daytime, your husky can show off her personality with 6 available harness colors. The heavy-duty stitching and buckle system maintains strength and safety while not being bulky or bothersome.

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Best For Handicapped

Frisco Front & Rear Lift Handicapped Support Harness

hardness for handicapped husky and puppies

If your husky is reaching his older years or has recently undergone an injury, you may benefit from the special handicapped support features of this Frisco Harness. 

Whether your dog has trouble walking, climbing, standing, or jumping, this harness can address those issues. Complete with two sturdy handles and a strap, you can use this harness to support your dog’s weight from both the shoulders and the hips.

The fully adjustable design allows you to match your dog’s physique perfectly so that they feel stable and secure. 

You also have the option to use the shoulder and hip harnesses together or separately to target your husky’s exact needs. 

While some users have expressed difficulty with the combined weight of this harness during assembly, you can trust that your elderly dog will find support in the strength of this product.

The padded vests and straps prioritize comfort so that your struggling dog has nothing else to worry about but getting better. With increased control and leverage, you can help your husky with no added strain on your body or his.

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siberian husky with hardness in field

Guide To Buying Harnesses For Huskies

If you are in the market for an adult husky harness, follow these general guidelines. You should identify which sellers provide large sizing options. 

The strength and energy level of these dogs is another important factor since you want to avoid discomfort if they choose to pull on the leash. 

Finally, your husky’s thick fur may create additional bulk when putting on the harness, so choose one that can accommodate their fluff.


Every dog harness consists of one or more vests, straps, leash attachments, and closures. However, the quality, durability, and performance of these features can create big differences in how you enjoy this gear.

Harness vests will vary in size and material, so this can be an important factor in finding the perfect harness for you. Your dog may appreciate more padded vests for comfort, more breathable vests for exercise, or more slim vests for mobility.

When examining the straps of a harness, you may want to investigate the strength of the material and the quality of the adjustments. Low-quality straps may lead to tears and flimsy slide buckles may lead to loosening of the harness or even escape.

You should look for durable rings for leash attachments to ensure that your dog cannot break the links during use. The standard location is along the back but a no-pull harness features a ring on the chest.

Harness closures may include buckles, velcro, or other clips. For strong huskies, a heavy-duty buckle will provide the most security and may provide easier fitting.

Measurement Difficulties and How to Avoid

You should match any harness against your dog’s measurements before purchase. The openings of a harness usually align with the lower neck and chest of your dog, so running a measuring tape along these areas will give you the best idea of how a harness will fit.

The neck measurement should sit above a dog’s shoulders along the base of the neck. Do not measure the smallest point of the neck near the collar unless specified by a product. Instead, follow the natural shoulders of your dog above the arms.

The widest point of your dog’s chest should sit behind your dog’s elbows. This largest measurement is called girth. Your dog’s girth should be within the range of your harness to ensure you can make smaller adjustments to fit your dog’s chest.

Benefits of a Harness

Both owner and husky would likely agree that adding a harness to your dog’s walking gear will increase comfort, control, and support during activity. 

The biggest advantage of a harness is the greater distribution of pressure along the midsection with padded vests and fitted straps. Compared to a single collar that may cause damage to the neck or trachea, a harness can be a much safer attachment for leashes and guides.

Many of the best harnesses provide multiple attachment points with a no-pull option included. 

While the standard attachment point for a leash sits at the back of the harness, you can find a no-pull location at the chest. 

When dogs strain or pull during this configuration, their chest and shoulders will move to the side to discourage pulling.


Here are some more common questions about harnesses for huskies. 

What Type of Harness is Best for a Husky?

Because your husky may be prone to overheating, a harness with breathable mesh can provide the best airflow and ventilation. You should also seek out gear that can accommodate these large dogs.

How Much Should I Walk a Husky?

A husky is a very active pet, so they need a minimum of 1.5 hours of daily exercise. You may want to break this time into smaller segments throughout the day or foster an extended play session with your husky.

How Do You Train a Husky to Walk Without Pulling?

Though a no-pull harness may help discourage this behavior, the best ways to train your dog are through practice, positive reinforcement, and gradual adjustments.

Is a harness or collar better for a Husky?

The best way to train a Husky is with a harness. A collar can be dangerous if your Husky is not used to it. The harness will give your Husky more freedom and will make it easier to train your Husky.

Closing Thoughts On The Best Harness For Huskies

We hope that you and your husky now have the resources to find the ideal harness for your needs, whatever those may be. 

If you’d like to choose the best harness for no pull activity, the Mighty Paw harness may be what you need. If you’d prefer the overall best harness for comfort, mobility, and strength, try the Voyager Dual Attachment harness.

Now that you have gathered all our tips and guidance, head over to to get one of these walking aids for yourself. Before you know it, your husky can get more exercise, have more fun, and stay safe while doing it!