Best Leashes for Huskies

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Introduction To The Best Leashes For Huskies

Most Siberian husky owners will attest that these energetic dogs are friendly and bursting with personality. They are also very athletic and require a lot of exercise for their overall health and happiness.

I have been a dog owner for decades and have been lucky enough to have lived with two huskies for years, so I know how important choosing the right leash can be.

To help you find the perfect leash for your beloved husky, I have tested seven different leashes and found the Tuff Mutt Hands Free Bungee Leash to be the best overall choice for husky owners.

This versatile, durable, comfortable leash minimizes injury risk and is ultra-flexible to give your dog more freedom.

There are several other husky leashes listed below because every dog is different, and every owner is too.

Read on to learn more about finding the perfect leash, a list of frequently asked questions from fellow dog owners, and our list of the best leashes for huskies this year.

Our Best Leashes For Huskies

1Best OverallTuff Mutt Hands-Free Bungee Leash⭐ 9.7
2Best For Multiple DogsMighty Paw Bungee Leash⭐ 8.5
3Best Budget PickJespet Bungee Reflective Leash⭐ 9.0
4Best For Huskies That PullEzyDog Zero Shock Absorbing Leash⭐ 8.5
5Best For Active HuskiesGood Trouble Everyday Coated Nylon Leash⭐ 8.5
6Best For High-Drive HuskiesKONG Retractable Explore Reflective Leash⭐ 7.5
7Best for Large HuskiesFlexi Giant Retractable Leash⭐ 8.0

Best Type of Leashes For Huskies

Before diving into the best leashes for huskies list, it is important to denote the various leash types you can choose from and how they differ.

You can find many more dog leashes for your husky, but the ones covered in this review are all bungee leashes, standard leashes, or retractable leashes.

Bungee Leashes

Bungee leashes are referred to as hands-free leashes or waist leashes as well. They are perfect for pet owners who enjoy jogging or running with their husky, but bungee leashes are a practical choice for any dog walking style you favor.

Bungee leashes come equipped with a belt that loops around your waist and connects to a bungee that then connects you to your dog.

You no longer have to hold the leash with your hands, and the elasticity of the bungee reduces yanking and pulling on your husky. Bungee leashes represent the middle ground between retractable leashes and standard leashes.

If your dog is a strong puller or you need to keep them close on your walks, a bungee leash may not be the best option for you. It can be hard to keep your husky close and safe quickly if the situation calls for it.

Standard Leashes

The standard leash is the most used, most popular kind of dog leash available. Though standard leash design is probably familiar to almost everyone, there are varying styles of standard leashes to choose from.

You can find rubber leashes, rope leashes, nylon leashes, and flat leashes. They vary in length and material.

The biggest problem with standard leashes is that they give no discernable cushioning for your dog if they pull hard. That can cause your husky pain and discomfort.

A standard leash could prove to be a good fit if your husky is more docile and less prone to pulling on its lead.

Retractable Leashes

Finally, we have the retractable leash option. Retractable leashes automatically extend as your husky walks forward and retract when they return.

Retractable leashes also have a leash lock function so that you can easily lock the leash and keep your dog at the same length for as long as you need.

These specific leashes are good for Huskies because all the slack makes your hyper husky (and you) less likely to get all tangled up in the leash.

If you choose a retractable leash, you should always be doubly cautious and aware of your surroundings. That way, you will know when to keep the leash locked at a shorter distance.

7 Best Leashes For Huskies Reviewed

We’ve summarised what we like about the seven leashes we got our hands on out of the lot we tested.

Best Overall

Tuff Mutt Hands-Free Bungee Leash

Best Leashes for Huskies 1

The Tuff Mutt bungee leash is a fantastic choice of leash for your husky, whether you are hiking, running, or just taking a walk around the neighborhood.

If you want to maximize your walk time, this hands-free leash has a comfortable, lightweight waist belt with vibrant reflective stitching.

The Tuff Mutt bungee leash absorbs shock that could be potentially painful or harmful when your dog takes off in a big hurry.

When pet parents find themselves in a crowded area, this bungee leash has built-in control handles that an owner can grab quickly to ensure your husky stays close.

It has a 48-inch lead and extends up to 60 inches in full. The bungee leash has a slide belt clip that allows your dog more freedom of motion without tripping you up. 

It comes in four color patterns for you to choose from: gray and green, gray and coral, gray and blue, and gray and orange.

Best For Multiple Dogs

Mighty Paw Bungee Leash

Best Leashes for Huskies 2

Lucky pet owners that live with two huskies and want a safe way to walk them both at once can use the Mighty Paw Bungee leash to make that dream a reality.

This leash is comfortable, flexible, and secure, with enough strength for not one but two huskies.

The double leash is hands-free and reduces stress on your wrists, shoulders, elbows, and neck. It also keeps your pets snug and safe while absorbing shock when they pull too hard or get a running start.

The Mighty Paw bungee leash is weatherproof and built to last. The leash boasts strong nylon material and durable hardware with an ergonomically designed handle.

The fixed length of the leash is 36 inches long, and the dual bungees can extend 24 inches to 36 inches. There is also a swivel leash attachment that makes sure your dogs will not get tangled.

Reflective thread on the leash keeps your dog safe with superior nighttime visibility, and the leash comes with a bonus wall hook so you can easily store it.

Best Budget Pick

Jespet Bungee Reflective Leash

Best Leashes for Huskies 3

The Jespet bungee reflective leash is the clear choice for husky owners who would rather not pay an arm and a leg for a quality product.

This hands-free leash offers a lightweight, highly reflective waist belt that provides safety in the dark of night. It measures a shorter length and has two handles, so your dog stays close enough for comfort.

You can also opt to forgo the hands-free option and hold the leash with your hand or wrist if you would rather.

When you use the waist belt, its belt clip can slide all the way around, saving you and your dog from worrisome tangles and trip-ups.

Best For Huskies That Pull

EzyDog Zero Shock Absorbing Leash

Best Leashes for Huskies 4

Give your dog the gift of comfort and style with the EzyDog zero shock-absorbing leash.

If you do, you will also give yourself peace of mind and confident control whenever you take your husky out on a walk, jog, or run.

The leash has zero shock technology, and its design reduces most of the strain and impact on dogs who tend to pull at their leashes. It acts to cushion pressure for both you and your dog.

The outer handle is comfortable to grab hold of and waterproof as well. There is also a convenient D-ring that you can use to carry keys, bags of treats, or even waste baggies.

The EzyDog zero shock is made with reflective stitching to enhance visibility for late-night walks. You can find this leash in several different patterns and colors to compliment your style and your dog’s style too.

Best For Active Huskies

Good Trouble Everyday Coated Nylon Leash

Best Leashes for Huskies 5

Since huskies need a lot of exercises to thrive, it is natural that any pet parents spend lots of time outdoors letting their dogs explore and stay active.

The Good Trouble every day is dirt resistant, grime resistant, and waterproof. It is made with a flexible PVC coating and a super-strong nylon core. It also comes in your choice of three striking colors.

The leash clasps are made from an ultra-sturdy zinc alloy so you don’t have to worry about whether they will break or snap.

You can also buy the same colored collar separately to make sure your pawed pall is color-coordinated.

Best For High-Drive Huskies

KONG Retractable Explore Reflective Leash

Best Leashes for Huskies 6

Due to their breeding, Siberian huskies naturally have a naturally high prey drive, which means they might be prone to darting after small animals and causing chaos on your walks.

With the KONG Explore leash, your high-drive husky can roam, wander, sniff, and explore to their heart’s delight.

The leash features a soft grip handle, reflective stitching on a 24-foot belt, and intuitive brakes and lock buttons. The breaks and locks are designed to work perfectly with your walking motion and your dog’s exploratory behaviors.

You can count on KONG to provide you with a durable, super-strong leash to give you peace of mind when you and your hectic huskie hit the sidewalk, the trail, or the dog park.

It’s easy to hold and easy to lock, and the ergonomic handle won’t cause discomfort to your wrists and hands.

Best For Large Huskies

FLEXI Giant Retractable Leash

Best Leashes for Huskies 7

Some huskies are bigger than others and exceed the average weight for their breed. If you are the proud owner of a larger husky, the FLEXI giant retractable dog leash could be a game-changer for you.

It features an exposed leash casing along with a retractable belt. The belt extends an impressive 26 feet so your husky can roam when it’s safe to do so. It’s also available in five popular color choices.

FLEXI is famous for 40 years of producing durable, top-of-the-line dog leashes and even the biggest, strongest huskies won’t wear this leash down easily.

The leash is designed to last and last and the high visibility lead helps keep you and your loyal companion safe.

siberian husky with hardness in field

Guide To Buying Leashes For Huskies

Even with the variety of great leash options listed above, it’s still important that every husky owner knows what to look for when buying a leash for their furry friends.

I have included this handy husky leash buying guide to help you better understand what qualities make the perfect leash for a husky.


Since you will be using the leash often, the leash you choose must be comfortable for your dog. It should fit snugly, but not too tight so they cannot break free and take off running.

The leash should never cause your dog irritation or harm their neck by squeezing too tightly. If the leash is too tight around the neck your dog can suffer from skin irritation and even hair loss.

Measurement Difficulties and How to Avoid

You should match any harness against your dog’s measurements before purchase. The openings of a harness usually align with the lower neck and chest of your dog, so running a measuring tape along these areas will give you the best idea of how a harness will fit.

The neck measurement should sit above a dog’s shoulders along the base of the neck. Do not measure the smallest point of the neck near the collar unless specified by a product. Instead, follow the natural shoulders of your dog above the arms.

The widest point of your dog’s chest should sit behind your dog’s elbows. This largest measurement is called girth. Your dog’s girth should be within the range of your harness to ensure you can make smaller adjustments to fit your dog’s chest.


Durability is important both for your budget, and more importantly, for the safety of your husky. If you choose a flimsy or weak leash it might not be strong enough to keep your dog close and safe.

The leash should be made of high-quality material. Cheaper materials cannot stand as much force and pressure and could easily break or malfunction which might lead to disaster.

Dog Build

The size, age, and body type of your husky play a major role in choosing the right leash. Remember that the leash should fit them snugly but not too tight and should be comfortable for the dog.

Be sure to carefully compare the suggested measurements and weight limits of the dog leash before purchasing. This helps you ensure that it will properly fit the unique build of your beloved husky.


If you have a husky puppy, adjustable leashes are a lifesaver. They grow very fast and that means they will outgrow smaller leashes quickly. 

An adjustable leash allows room for your dog to grow over time so you don’t have to replace it with a larger leash every few months. 


Of course, no one can put a price on the love for a pet, but taking care of a husky can get rather expensive, so it’s normal to want to avoid overpriced products when shopping for your dog.

Even so, you should never compromise on the quality of your dog leash for any reason. Buying a cheap, low-quality leash can be dangerous and might not be as thrifty an option when you have to replace broken or faulty leashes regularly.

High-quality leashes will last longer and give you peace of mind when you are out and about with your four-legged friend.


If you still have questions about picking the best leashes for huskies, feel free to check out some frequently asked questions raised by dog owners just like you.

Are Huskies Good on a Leash?

While it is possible to train your husky to walk off-leash, it might be more challenging to achieve than you might think.

Huskies were originally bred for stamina and as a breed, they generally have higher prey drives. This means they have an intense instinct to chase prey-like animals. This includes smaller dogs, rodents, cats, and birds.

If your husky goes off leash without the proper training, you could be putting yourself, the local wildlife, and your dog in a dangerous situation.

What Is the Best Way to Walk a Husky?

If huskies are unable to work off all their excess energy it may lead to behavioral problems at home. So of course you want to know the best way to walk your husky that benefits their health and happiness.

Huskies are bred for cold weather so be very careful walking them in hotter conditions. Try to keep a routine as well and if you can be sure to include mentally stimulating places for your dog to visit during their daily walks.

How Long Should a Husky Be Walked?

If they had a choice, your husky would gladly walk all day and night by your side, but sadly that is not usually possible for husky owners.

Even though you cannot keep them on a leash outside 24/7, they must get the right amount of exercise every day. Weather permitting, you should aim for at least 80 minutes of walking a day.

It’s best to split that up into two walks instead of one long one for your dog’s comfort and enjoyment.

Is a harness or collar better for a Husky?

The best way to train a Husky is with a harness. A collar can be dangerous if your Husky is not used to it. The harness will give your Husky more freedom and will make it easier to train your Husky.

Are harnesses good for huskies?

Huskies are generally well-suited for harnesses since they tend to have high energy levels. It can be difficult to keep them in check but a leash helps address this challenge.

What leash is best for a Husky?

The best leash for a husky is the Tuff Mutt Hands-Free Bungee Leash. It is our favorite pick as it looks great, is well priced and works for huskies in in most situations.

What is the best harness to stop pulling?

We recommend the best harness to stop pulling is the EzyDog Zero Shock Absorbing Leash. This leash is kind on your husky and your arm. It encourages huskies to stop pulling.

The Final Verdict 

While I think any of the seven leashes mentioned in this review would satisfy any loving husky owner, the Tuff Mutt Hands-Free Bungee Leash is the one deserving of the coveted top spot.

It is decently priced, well made, and works well for huskies in almost any situation. I believe it is the superior choice for any discerning pet parent and that you will not be disappointed to spend your hard-earned money on it.

Click on the link now and see why it’s the perfect leash for huskies and their loving owners. Then get out into the world and see just how much a great leash can improve your life and the life of your precious husky.