Best Toys For Husky Puppies

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Introduction To Husky Puppy Toys

If you’ve ever owned or had the pleasure of hanging out with a husky, you know how energetic and adorable this breed is. 

They love to romp with playmates, snuggle up with their humans, or frolic with their favorite toys. Huskies have a lot to offer their humans, from loyalty to affection to silliness, but they’ll grow bored and restless if you don’t give them the right supplies. 

While a husky may be temporarily satisfied with a classic tennis ball, they deserve so much more. But strolling the aisles of your local pet store or searching online can be tiresome, and you never really know what you’re getting until you see your dog play with it. 

So I did all the work for you! I tested over 50 products with my energetic husky puppy and found the flat plush squeaking alligator from Frisco to be the best toy for husky puppies.

Huskies are one of my favorite breeds because they’re so intelligent, energetic, and playful. But all of these qualities can make them hard to satisfy, so it’s essential to have the perfect toys to keep your husky puppy entertained and fulfilled.               

Keep reading to learn about the best toys for husky puppies and where you can find them.

Our Best Toys For Husky Puppies

1Best OverallFrisco Flat Plush Squeaking Alligator⭐ 9.9
2Best for TeethingNylabone Puppy Chicken Flavored Teething Dinosaur⭐ 9.0
3Best for Casual ChewingNylabone Power Chew Textured Dog Chew Ring⭐ 7.4
4Best for PlaytimeKONG CuteSeas Octopus⭐ 7.6
5Best Stuffable ToyKONG Puppy Chew⭐ 9.2
6Best for Alone TimeHANAMYA Interactive Food/Treats Dispensing Squeaky & Puzzle⭐ 8.6
7Best for FetchChuckit! Rebounce Ball⭐ 8.0
8Best for Tug-of-WarFrisco Zebra Rope Squeaky⭐ 9.0
9Best Outdoor ToyHANAMYA Molar Chew Ball with Portable Tie-out Stick Elastic Pull Rope⭐ 8.2
10Best for Soft PlayFrisco Frosted Pastry Plush⭐ 9.5

10 Best Toys For Husky Puppies Reviewed

Here are our reviews for the best chew toys for huskies currently on the market.

Best Overall

Frisco Flat Plush Squeaking Alligator

Frisco Flat Plush Squeaking Alligator


  • 21 inches long
  • Stuffing free (so no mess)
  • Four built-in squeakers 
  • Ultra-soft plush fabric
  • Felt scales for multiple textures
  • Reinforced stitching 
  • Strong quilted design

As mentioned, this is the winner in my eyes. My little pup was head over heels for this toy in every way. It was perfect for playtime, bedtime when she was teething, and on car trips when she gets nervous. 

There’s a medium-sized option, but I recommend the large for husky puppies, as it’ll be monstrous and fun when they’re a puppy, and then they can grow into it. The tough stitching makes it hard for them to tear apart, so it can last you years if your dog isn’t too determined. 

The four squeakers will surprise and excite your dog, making playtime even more fun and exciting for them. Plus, there’s no stuffing, so if they tear it open, you won’t have a massive white mess to clean up.

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Best For Teething

Nylabone Puppy Chicken Flavored Teething Dinosaur

Best Toys For Husky Puppies 1


  • Non-edible chewy nylon
  • Savory chicken flavor
  • Dental care built-in
  • Enticing bumps
  • Hard but still bouncy

For all of you husky owners out there struggling with puppy teething, this is the toy for you. This adorable dinosaur is tough nylon that is durable while still being a little bouncy. It’s the perfect toy to soothe your huskies growing pains as it teethes. 

The bumps along the dinosaur are ideal for gnawing, so they can keep your pup busy for hours and prevent them from teething on your favorite pair of flip flops or throw pillows. This toy can help promote positive chewing habits for a lifetime so they can always keep themselves entertained and happy. 

While this is a great puppy toy for teething, this toy isn’t ideal for adult huskies. It’s a little bit small, at only about seven inches tall, so they’ll likely get bored with it once they grow out of teething.

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Best For Casual Chewing

Nylabone Power Chew Textured Dog Chew Ring 

Best Toys For Husky Puppies 2


  • Flavor medley
  • Durable Nylon material
  • Ring-shape for easy holding
  • Ridges for dental health
  • Vet-recommended design

Even when the teething stage is over, huskies still love to chew and gnaw, and it also keeps their teeth healthy and their mind occupied. But huskies have tough teeth and even tougher jaws, so you need to get them a tasty chew toy that will keep them occupied for longer than ten minutes. 

This Nylabone power chew ring is the ideal chew toy for huskies of all ages, including puppies. There’s a flavor medley throughout the toy to keep them coming back for more.

The ring shape is excellent because your puppy or dog can place their paw in the center, making it easy for them to get the perfect chewing angle. And the ring shape also makes it easy for you to throw or roll across the ground during playtime. 

While this ring is durable, it will not last forever, especially if you have an aggressive chewer. But unlike milk bones or yak bones, this will last you months rather than weeks. 

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Best For Play Time

KONG CuteSeas Octopus

KONG CuteSeas Octopus


  • Soft corduroy body
  • Built-in squeakers
  • Built-in crinkle noise
  • Skinny legs and thick, plush head
  • 12 inches long

One of the most important and fun parts of being a dog owner is playtime! And huskies are a particularly playful breed, so you need to make sure you have phenomenal play toys around when the mood strikes. 

Almost any dog toy can be for playtime, even the chew toys mentioned above. But the best play toys make noises and have various elements to entice and excite your pupper. My favorite, or more appropriately, my puppy’s favorite, was this silly octopus from Kong. 

The CuteSeas octopus has eight floppy legs, as an octopus should, and a fat, bulbous head for your dog to sink its teeth into. Inside are strategically placed squeakers to keep your dog guessing and crinkle plastic for extra interesting noises. 

This toy didn’t rank as the best overall because it’s not as tough as Frisco’s lovable alligator. 

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Best Stuffable Toy

KONG Puppy Chew

KONG Puppy Chew


  • Unpredictable bounciness 
  • Hard rubber material
  • Hole for stuffing treats
  • Ridges for dental health and fun chewing

Stuffable toys are excellent for keeping crazy pups occupied. You can fill them with their favorite treat or slather them with peanut butter. It’s also a great way to get your dog to eat if they seem uninterested in their food bowl. 

My puppy and I scoured the market for the best stuffable treat, but we settled on the super popular Kong puppy chew. This likely won’t surprise people familiar with Kong, as their stuffable chew toys are incredibly well-known and prominent toys at pet stores. 

But undeniably, this is an excellent toy for stuffing, and it has a soft, bouncy texture perfect for puppy chewing. While many toys claim to be indestructible, this one is! Of the many dogs I’ve had and cared for, not one of them has ever been able to do more damage than a few shallow teeth marks. 

I recommend getting the medium one for your puppy so that they can get a real jaw workout. But unfortunately, a full-grown husky will likely prefer a large Kong chew toy, so you may have to upgrade when your dog gets older.

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Best For Alone Time

HANAMYA Interactive Food/Treats Dispensing Squeaky & Puzzle

HANAMYA Interactive Food/Treats Dispensing Squeaky & Puzzle Toy


  • Non-toxic and pet-safe thermoplastic rubber and polycarbonate
  • Slow treat-dispensing function
  • Whistling squeaker sound
  • Rolling design
  • Mentally stimulating design

While it pains us to do so, sometimes we have to leave our dogs alone, whether for a few minutes or hours. Luckily, there are entertaining toys like this interactive one from Hanamya!

Of all the interactive toys I tested out, this one kept my puppy entertained for the longest, and she seemed to be having the best time all by herself. This toy functions as a chew toy and treat-dispensing toy, plus, it has a squeaker function to keep your pup on its toes while playing. 

This toy can help with separation anxiety, as it’s large enough for them to lay down with and softly gnaw if they start to get stressed while you are gone. 

One downside I noticed with this toy is it doesn’t keep adult dogs entertained because the puzzle/treat-dispensing aspect is simple. But for puppies still learning how things work, it’s a great buy.

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Best For Fetch

Chuckit! Rebounce Ball

Chuckit! Rebounce Ball


  • Fits Chuckit! Launchers
  • Heavy at eight ounces
  • Easy to clean 
  • Long-lasting recycled rubber
  • Easy-to-see blue color
  • Super bouncy

No dog toy list would be complete with a ball for fetch. My dog is great at running after the ball but not so good at bringing it back. We’re working on it. But we both agree that the Rebounce Ball from Chuckit! is the best.

The Rebounce ball is almost identical to Chuckit!’s Fetch Ball and Ultra Ball, but it has extra bounciness from the recycled rubber! And it fits into the awesome Chuckit! Ball launcher. 

This ball is excellent because it bounces way more than your typical tennis ball and has a super durable design, so even aggressive chewing won’t destroy it immediately. I also love the bright blue color, making it easy to find in thick grass fields when my dog gives up the chase.

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Best For Tug-of-War

Frisco Zebra Rope Squeaky

Frisco Zebra Rope Squeaky


  • Four rope legs
  • Plus head
  • Rope ball body
  • Built-in squeaker
  • Polyester rope and recycled cotton
  • 11 inches long

This category was a tough decision, as there are many incredible tug toys for husky puppies. But this Frisco Zebra takes the cake, as it is super durable, silly, and has squeakers inside to make it even more fun for the dog. 

The runner-up in this category was an adorable Moose Rope Toy, but with the multiple zebra legs, plush head, and built-in squeaker, this toy was irresistible to my puppy. 

The ropes are thin enough that her little puppy mouth could latch on comfortably, and it was super durable even when she chewed on it for a few hours. The body is a rope ball, making it an easy tug toy to throw if playtime turns into a game of fetch!

The only downside is this isn’t a great toy to leave them alone with, as the frayed ends can come apart and be a choking hazard.

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Best Outdoor Toy

HANAMYA Molar Chew Ball with Portable Tie-out Stick Elastic Pull Rope

HANAMYA Molar Chew Ball with Portable Tie-out Stick Elastic Pull Rope


  • Corkscrew for firm placement
  • Super durable TPR material
  • Chew-proof rubber band
  • Doubles as an outdoor hold-in-place leash
  • Water-proof and floats

Every dog toy can be an outside toy. But if you don’t want to constantly clean plush toys or hunt in your backyard for lost balls, designate a few toys for outside time. 

Other items on this list make great outdoor toys, like the Chuckit! Rebounce Ball or the stuffable Kong Puppy Chew. But I can’t say enough good things about this inventive and durable toy from Hanamya. 

The toy is a rubber ball attached to a long, thick elastic band. The elastic band attaches to a corkscrew feature that you plant firmly in the ground. From there, it’s hours of fun for your husky puppy. They can pull as hard as they want or bat the ball around with their paws. 

This toy can only be used outside in an area with grass, dirt, or thick sand, so it’s the ultimate outdoor toy. 

But this toy also requires supervision in case any part breaks or the dog gets caught in the elastic band. And at $19.95, it’s the most expensive toy on the list, but well worth it if you ask my dog.

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Best For Soft Play

Frisco Frosted Pastry Plush

Frisco Frosted Pastry Plush


  • Soft outer fabric
  • Crinkle noise
  • Fluffy plush inside
  • Cute design

Even huskies like to slow it down sometimes and relax. When this happens, give them a soft, low-energy toy they can chew on or toss around. 

And while there were many strong contenders, this Frosted Pastry Plus from Frisco is the winner. It has an adorable pastry design and a soft outer fabric, perfect for snuggles!

The thick plush inside makes it fun to hold in their mouth or roll around. And there’s a built-in crinkle sound to keep them entertained while they gnaw.

This plush toy is excellent for soft play with your husky puppy, but it may not be as fun for your adult huskies. And unfortunately, it only comes in one size. Luckily, there are plenty of fun plush toys for soft play out there that a full-grown husky will love. 

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husky puppy best chew toy kong

Guide To Buying Toys For Husky Puppies

Not every dog will like the same toys, so there are some factors to consider before making any purchases.


Not every dog likes to fetch or squeaky toys. After trying out some toys with your husky puppy, it will be clear what excites them and what doesn’t. But it’s worth trying all kinds of toys to find out what they enjoy.  


This list talks about the best toys for husky puppies, but if your dog is at the end of their puppy years, you may want to choose the toys that will keep them entertained as they grow up. But if they’re still super young, you can’t buy adult dog toys that won’t suit them. 


Some dog toys at the pet store can be expensive, like $30 or more. But everything on Chewy is super affordable, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank to keep your dogs entertained. 

The most expensive toy on this list is just under $20, but some of these are only $2 or $3. When shopping, remember that your dog doesn’t know what you spent or what money is. So sometimes the cheapest toy is the best toy. 


Below are commonly asked questions about husky puppies and dog toys. 

How much exercise do husky puppies need?

Even though husky puppies can be super energetic, there is such a thing as too much exercise. They should only exercise for about five to ten minutes daily until they mature. Excessive playtime and exercise can cause joint and bone problems later in life. 

How many toys should a dog have?

A dog can’t have too many toys, but they can get bored if you give them access to them all the time. So leave four or five toys out for them to play with and rotate them to keep things interesting. 

I like to have one fetch toy, one tug toy, one squeaker, one cuddly toy, and then their favorite toy that I always leave out.

How long do husky puppies teethe for?

Husky teething lasts six or seven months but can come and go in phases. It’s best to keep teething toys available for your pup until they’re at least one year old to keep your shoes and furniture safe. 

Our Verdict On The Best Toys For Husky Puppies

The best toys for husky puppies are the ones that keep them interested and engaged. But huskies are a playful and energetic breed that can usually have fun with everything. But why not give them the best toys out there?

You can find everything on this list on, making it easy to buy quality, affordable toys all in one place! And they deliver it right to your door, so there is no need to wander through a pet store.